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May 7---Drag Racing for NSX Group (OLD TOWN)

17 January 2004
Event: Drag Racing (Bracket Racing)....using Funny Cars

Experience: 4 G's for acceleration >>> 0-110MPH in 2 seconds!!

Fast: Faster than being launched from aircraft carrier

Date: May 7 (Saturday)

Location: OLD TOWN (Kissimmee, FL)...off Rte 192, near Disney World

Price: $20. each racer (3 hours)...group rate

Racers: Need 30 racers to get this price.

Check out the experience at this website: www.G-ForceAmusement.com

Please reply to post so we can determine if we have 30 racers (to keep $20 rate)
must have typed the website address wrong........sorry. :frown:

If you are near Orlando.....go check out the racing event prior to May 7 to see just how fast you go.

I think you go 0-110 in 1/8th mile then decelerate in 1/8th mile......so you should see the 1/4 mile track at OLD TOWN.
So, this is a thrill ride at Old Town? In the same area as the bungie rides and the gigantic swinging thing and the car show and all? I've been there but it's been a couple years.

How does it work?
It is like a rocket sled.......with a funny car chasis around it.
It is compressed gas-powered.

Not sure how it works beyond that.......but it is one hell of a ride.
You watch the "light-tree" and then punch the gas pedal.

You go for reaction times to see who is the winner.
You race against one other racer on other track.

The normal driving rates are $30/person per race.
We got a group discount of $20. for 3 hours....unlimited racing, based on 30 racers.

Just went to G-Force again tonight............wild time.
There was another racing group there trying to beat reaction times off the line of other racers.....a damn good time.

Hope to see you there on May 7 (OLD TOWN) at Noon to 3pm.
Need a count on who plans to go to the G-Force event on Sat. May 7.
Please let me know.
We need 30 people or we must cancel.

Zero to 110 mph in 2 seconds........can you handle it?
Find out....come to the event at NOON at OLD TOWN.