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My car won't start... Please Help !!

4 September 2002
San Francisco, CA
After driving my car tonight (for 30 min ), suddenly shut down when the car is stop. I tried start again and the RPM went up to 1200 and die! Same thing happened again after few tired, so I applying some throttle to let the RPM rise to 4000 and the car start! and stay at around 700 RPM.

I also have some anomalous TCS behaviour in the last few months. The light will comes on for no reason, but it will turn off after a restart.

Any idea?
Larry Bastanza said:
My Guess would be main relay.


I second that. I just recently bought one from a Prime member so if something weird like that ever happens to me, I can try that first since it always seems to be the culprit.
I agree. Just happened to me about 2 months ago. I replaced the ignition switc thinkin it was that and it worked for about 2 hrs. Then it died and i took it to local honda mechanic and it cost me 200 dollars for them to tell me it was main relay. Tap on the main relay lightly and start it at same time. it should start. If so its prolly your main relay. Also, I think a prime member jsut put up a thread up about fixing the main relay somewhere on the site.
ac011 said:
I found out the problem is the ignition switch, but I replaced the main relay anyway. :wink:

my ignition switch is going bad too... Im too lazy or I want to get stuck somewhere! I should have this done ASAP.
It happened to me also. It was the same thing, ignition switch. I asked the tech about it and they say it is a common problem with 80-100K miles cars. It may be sooner if you typically attach bulks of keys/items onto your NSX key while in ignition- Weighing it down.

That's the main reason why the new Lexus and BMW's have a push button now.