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My Supercharged NSX video

22 May 2013
Hey guys,

recently made a fun little quick video over the weekend. hope you enjoy

Featuring Pride's v2 2.5" exhaust

I never understand why people add loud music to videos where all we want to hear is the car.
Mchang, good effort! dont be too discouraged since you are new here. You can see that this forum's resident bullies with high post counts are merciless but you know, they are right. That music is good for videos of chipmunks mating or hyper dogs playing frisbee, not for NSX exhaust demos !
I disagree with the majority of the guys here. If this was simply a video recording you driving down and up the street from one viewpoint with intent of just letting us hear the exhaust then yes the music is unnecessary. But seeing as you put together video clips with some artistic direction then the music added to the video is appropriate in my opinion. Good job with the video.
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^+1, I thought this video was good. The worst ones are the videos with 0.00 exhaust clips and all music. Now THOSE suck !
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Is that a wood steering wheel? lol, that's awesome. Never seen one on an NSX.

Also, might want to edit the last part to "Anything can happen"
Nice video. I agree with some others that it gets a lot better towards the end when the car is rolling. I love that sound.

If you want to hear a supercharged NSX with no music, I've got one of those. Yeah, it stops at 88 mph. Sue me. :) Roof on, windows up.

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Man that steering wheel is hot. Where did u get it? I want one.

it's a nard 340 classic wood steering wheel

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After 15seconds of that music, I jumped out my office window.

Good thing I'm on the first floor.

First time looking back at this thread, and in response to all the music comments, this wasn't an "exhaust" showcase video, my car simply has an exhaust. I do have a generic, more instructional style video as necessary for Mark to show off the exhaust.

Is that a wood steering wheel? lol, that's awesome. Never seen one on an NSX.

Also, might want to edit the last part to "Anything can happen"

yeah its a nardi classic wood wheel. Name of the song is anything could happen, so it's just a play on the words.

Don't by flying through neighborhoods in Fullerton man, kids are there.

Its o.k to fly down Euc**d street...I use to test my ctsc nsx there too :smile:

Maybe I'll see you around.
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I don't know why people are complaining about the music, the more I watch the video the more I like the song and the way it's blended into the video scenes. It's a really good short video.