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Need Advise: Transmission Problem '92 NSX

14 February 2000
Orlando, FL USA
My '92 with 34,000 mi. developed a squeal in 1st gear. Dealer says the countershaft bearing is coming apart and wants to replace SNAP RING, Transmission HOUSING, countershaft BEARING, AXLE SEAL, THRUST SEAL for $1800. Acura will contribute 1/3 cost. DOes this sound correct? I'm told that this part was redesigned on '93 and later cars.


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Is the total price $1200 to you, with the 1/3 Acura amount. If it is this sounds like a pretty fair deal. I know the trans case cost alone is around $500.

In regard to the part being redesigned, that is not really the case(no pun intended!). The early transmissions had a manufacturing defect/quality control problem. The groove, in the transmission HOUSING, that the snap ring fits into was cut to wide and caused the countershaft assembly to slide back and forth too much, which kind of acted like a slap hammer and broke the snap ring. In 1993 the transmission case defect was eliminated, by resolving the production issue.

Please bear in mind that Acura really has no liability to contribute to this repair, the car has been out of warranty for 5-6 years. So enjoy the discount and get back in the driver's seat and have some fun.
I had my snap ring broke 2 weeks ago. The dealer in my area also required me to pay $1200. But they replace the whole tranny. (With total cost over $7000). I think $1200 is a good deal if they replace the whole tranny. Cause If the snap ring broke, trere are chances that some of the gear are damaged too. Might be a good time to replace it with a short gear if you're thinking about repair not replacing the whole tranny.
I heard that you can tell if your NSX is in snap range by the VIN#. Is this correct ? And if so, where would one go to verify whether or not the vehicle was suspect ? Thanks.
Go to NSX.prime FAQ under "troubleshooting". Find "trans(incl. Snap ring)". The number range is located their.
Sorry, forgot to answer your original question. No, you cannot tell by the VIN#. The transmissions where not installed in sequence. You need to go by the transmission number.

Does Acura still pay 2/3 of the bill if you're not the original owner?


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Here's an update: Acura (Honda American) was nice enough to review my case and decided to pay the entire repair cost! Are they great or what? Also, when the tranny was open, the tech checked my clutch and said that I had burned it up and should be replaced while they were doing the snap ring replacement. $1500. Oh well. Say, any tips on driving the NSX to avoid clutch burn?

Clutch wear is solely based on how you drive it. Do not rev up the motor to 2K rpm amd let the clutch slip, that will kill it. The NSX stock clutch is really easy so just get the revs up enough to keep it from stalling and gently release it. If I were you,since the deal is looking really good, I would put in the new Dali Clutch and Superlite Flywheel. If you read his website postings from customers, especially Mark Basch, who probably has more experience on NSX's then most of us combined, it is highly recommended. Anyway, glad to see things are working out in your favor.