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New owner - 1995 NSX

9 May 2012
Byron Center, Michigan
Hello all,
I am new to NSX ownership but an admirer of the car and lurker (on and off) on the site for quite some time.
After owning five 911’s, 3 corvettes, several muscle cars and several Italian and other European cars, I finally purchased one of my all time favorite cars; a 1995 NSX-T. Very happy with the car and look forward to making it my own with some modifications, ideas for which come from this community and the incredibly nicely and tastefully modified cars posted on the “build” thread.
I live in southwest Michigan (Grand Rapids suburbs) and wonder if anyone on the site is local to the area? Would love to get together and chat about performance and aesthetic modifications. I am not a mechanic or hardcore “do it yourselfer” nor do I aspire to be, but in this case would love to do some of the work myself.
I’ve attached some pictures of the car which I purchased only three weeks ago.


  • 1995 NSX 3.jpg
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WELCOME aboard, ET! Always pleased to note a new NSX and owner into Michigan. I know of at least one NSX owner over your way. Although I realize you are two hours away from the metro Detroit area, you may want to look into this thread from time to time:


If you would enjoy cruising over this-a-way for a get-together, pls PM me and we'll try to set it up!

Your '95 looks really nice. :smile:
Welcome and congrats!

Your car looks very nice on those SSR GT1's, one of my favorite wheels for the NSX.

Congrats and welcome, looks great but get rid of that hideous radio
nice I like the rims do you know what brand they are?

I want something different to slap on for a day then return to OEM.

before I sold my Pride V1 exhaust I would slap it on and drive with it a couple days and get sick of it and take it off.

nice color the best looking, but the worst to keep clean.

try this

" the black box " had black dye in the wax to hide small scratches
heres a link

good luck and welcome to the club bro
Holy crap you are right down the street from me. :biggrin:

Bring it to Metro Health tomorrow evening... I'd love to come and check it out.

Congrats BTW...it looks great.
WELCOME! Glad you got rid of all those beaters to finally get something good :biggrin:
Congrats and welcome! I'm just down the road across the line in Elkhart (about 2 hours). I used to go up to GR all of the time to watch the Rampage....until the economy killed them.
Welcome and congrats on your purchase! You said you've been lurking here on and off but if you haven't already found it, make sure you check out the NSX Wiki (off the red action bar at the top of most pages) for lots of useful NSX-related information. It's a work in progress but lots of good stuff there for new owners.