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New owner of a '98 GPW

16 April 2009
Tempe, AZ
Hey everyone,

After months of searching, I'm excited to say that I'm the proud new owner of this '98 GPW 6sp with 117k miles! I picked it up last week from SoS. The car is a product of their pilot to develop a scaled down version of Honda Japan's NSX factory refresh program, which included a complete paint job and an engine rebuild.

This car is exactly what I was looking for and it was worth the wait. I'm looking forward to driving and enjoying this car and getting more involved on Prime.

Picking her up from SoS


Her new home

With my brother's STi and my Prelude

Awesome! Congrats and welcome! I love the NSX in white, always was my favorite color.

Also, I like that Prelude you have sitting out there :smile: my first car, dear to my heart.
Awesome... I'm sure if SoS did the work then it is top notch.

Beautiful car...
Congrats Randon! Sorry you couldn't join us for the fun yesterday, but I'm looking forward to seeing you at future meets. :)
SOS taken cared of.....wow lucky you. Any plans on exterior mods?
Sharp car, I remember seeing the for sale posting and thought that someone was going to get a nice ride. SoS has a solid reputation.

Sweet color combo...congrats.
Absolutely stunning -- never was a big fan of white, but on the NSX it looks spectacular. No doubt that car is 100% too. Cheers, and congrats! Jay

If only I had financing in order a week ago, this would have been mine. :frown::biggrin:

I think it was a great deal!
Congratulations on the purchase. It's too bad you live so close to SOS. You are going to down there every other day from here on.

Picking up a supercharger, then a BBK, then a mesh engine bay cover, then....
Thanks, guys.

Yea, I really enjoy the Prelude and it's dear to me too as it's my first car.

I'm located in South Tempe.