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New owner, Zanardi #24!

21 January 2004
New Brunswick, NJ
Well it's official, just got home and #24 is sleeping in the garage! I still cant believe it, feels like a dream!

Congratz' Mike! The Zanardi-edition NSX & the very number 24 both resonate real strong within me... perhaps someday I will be in the position to acquire it from you! :D

It's almost midnight here, they will be coming shortly....after a supreme detail. This thing is filthy:frown:
Welcome to the club. :smile:
Welcome to the club. :smile:

Glad to be here, I've driven probably over 100 NSX's, but never a Zanardi and it is unlike anything else ive encountered. Steering is so dead on! 3.2 liter, 6 speed coupe is the ultimate NSX, IMO:biggrin:
Wow...three NSXs makes you a collector. Must be an occupational hazard.
Enjoy them in good health!
Congrats! :biggrin: I hate you.:mad: :tongue:
2 NSX's and an S2000: You should be banned! :biggrin: :biggrin:
Kid - wow! Congrats on your purchase and never sell that car. Superb that you were able to get it. So have you sold the S2K or are you keeping all of those cars? I can't wait to show my girlfriend how many cars you have as she thinks I'm nuts!!!

Congrats again and I eagerly await those pictures!
Congrats! I wanna see pictures.

BTW, how's that master Zanardi list coming along. :wink:

congratulations.. i too am awaiting for pix :)
Congrats, pictures and how does it compare to a 91?
VERY nice! I am so jealous! Let me know when you are ready to sell!
Congats Mike! Are you going to bring it to the event on the 22nd of June? I never saw one in person.

I thought we were supposed to hang out tonight ? :confused: What am I gonna do with all the beer and strippers ??:biggrin:
I thought we were supposed to hang out tonight ? :confused: What am I gonna do with all the beer and strippers ??:biggrin:

I know, my dad drove it home for me. I drove it to work today and starting the detailing process. I just removed all the little door dings, about to do a little minor service, and then the cleaning will begin. This is by far the dirtiest NSX I've ever seen. I mean, just horrible.

Well, sadly enough I sold the S2000, the kid is flying in and picking it up in the morning. Kinda sad to see it go but the timing just wasnt right. I always wanted to collect sport compact cars but storage is currently an issue and Im now renting a garage for the other NSX. With the economy and what not...no need to go crazy. I got lucky, I was going to put a lift in my garage or build a second garage in my backyard, but I found a Public Storage place less than 1 mile from my house. Its clean, convient, and cheap. All indoors, full security, and very impressive. Now I can just swap NSX's whenever I want.

The 05 NSX is my company demo and is being sold next week at Manheim Auto Auction, I thought I needed something more practical:biggrin: No need for 3 NSX's. I'll be down to my 92 and my Zanardi, 2 cars I will never sell.
"leave the cannoli, get the NSX..."

my Zanardi... car... I will never sell.


Mike. Michael. Perhaps. I can make you an offer [in the future]... an offer that you can't refuse!
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