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Northwest NSX dyno day video is up

What's the deal with the supra?? its kinda embarrassing to see the Supra with 368HP and the NSX's only getting up to 247HP... Whhaaaaaaat?
Exactly. TitaniumVtec is right. Is very easy to have the supra to produce that much HP (note the last supra have 500HP). However, even the owner and the tuner of the 500HP supra says, the NSX is faster around the track. The owner said that whenever he goes to the track, he had to turn down the boost. In order to have that much HP, they have to have the turbo spool at over 5000 rpm constantly. And when they have the turbo kick in with that much of boost. Very hard to control. Drag racing only guys...
George, it was his first time in autocross. As hot headed as he is, he ignored our advised to go slow and get to know the course the first time out. He just went at it and went out of the course so many times. They decided, it's too dangerous to let him drive, so they booted him off.

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So this kid in the F-355? Driving Dad's car?
Or was he one of those young Dot-Com boys?
I just cant see anyone who actually has the means to buy an F-355 being so foolish at an event like that..
Edo, The Dad bought him the F355 for his graduation (high school). Can u believe that??? Well, I take that back, as I have a lot of friends driving nice cars that their Daddy bought (Goto www.streetracing.org and type exotics on search box).

JKurnawan, Yep, George's is the one with Phase rear diffuser. And r u one of the above?
Andrie, I cant believe that his dad bought him an F-355 for HS graduation...Thats terrible..I dont understand why someone would do that. I certainly would NOT buy my 18 year old son an F-355. He probably doesnt even understand the mystique or history behind such a car. It could be a badass looking fast Civic for all he cares..then again I am making judgements on someone I dont even know, so I shouldnt say such things..I know people have thought the same thing of me many times as I am 20...(And no Daddy didnt buy me my NSX thank you very much)
F355 for graduation? Sheesh...

When I was a boy I worked my lousy minimum wage job until I saved $400, and bought a beat-up '67 Bug. And I was glad to have it

Oh, and sorry for taking up so much time in the video. Guess that's the privelege of going first

-Bob ('94 #496 "ZIASDAD")