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Not Ready Test Failed?

17 March 2004
New Jersey
Hello Everyone,

I failed twice at the inspection station for not Ready Test on the Cat and Emissions test when they hook it up to their OBDII unit......

After I failed the test the first time, they told me to drive it around for a few days.....I thought all the car would need is 50 miles.....unfortunately, I took it back to them the same day and it failed the ready test again....

I assume this is probably the case since the battery had gone dead earlier this month and I hadn't driven it more than 30 miles since it went dead.

My question.....How long does it take the NSX systems to start functioning again so they don't fail the OBDII hook up test?

you are failing because the car battery went dead and the ecu is still in learning mode.

i suggest you call honda customer service and ask them what the ecu learning procedure is.

Off the top of my head i think it is something like idle for 7 minutes without ac on and then X minutes with AC on. Point being that in order for the car to get out of learning mode (so that it will pass the ready tests) it is LOOKING for a certain things to happen, honda can tell you what needs to happen, as opposed to driving the car around which may over a period of a couple weeks satisfy the ready tests.

then keep the battery tended when the car isn't driven for more then 2 weeks so the car isn't in learning mode continually

also in california you are allowed to not pass 2 of the 10 ready tests as long as the emission results are also ok. but even if the emissions results are clean, if you have more then 2 not ready test results on the ecu, you fail here as well
Some smog guy at a shell station that also sells 100 octane at the pump recommended to me to fill up with a couple gallons of 100 octane on a near empty tank and rev the piss outta her on the highway, then bring her in. Says it's worked......

I don't know though.....
what is a not ready test fail?
On obd2 cars you have to pass the tailpipe test AND the OBD2 system diagnostic ready tests. i beileve on the nsx there are a total of 10 diagnostic tests. if the car is in learn mode (you ran the battery totally dead or just replaced the battery) the car takes some time to learn and reset these diagnostic tests
unfortunately guys, I failed again.....I don't even know if that idiot at DMV hooked it up or not and just failed me for having a nice car, just to irritate me. I had driven the car over 120 miles and it still supposedly failed for not responding to the readiness tests......what nonsense.....my 97 NSX has 12,500 miles on it......she is a virgin! ha ha!

I called up a local Acura dealership and they told me just to drive it around for 70 miles......any thoughts guys?

Thanks again!
WOW:eek: and only 12.5K miles on a 97, I would take it straight to Acura and tell them to fix it, with that low of miles, I would cover the warranty if I worked at Acura. Check on all the vacuum lines, its possible with your car over 10 years old that one could be rotted, and cracked, especially since the car has such low miles. I have seen many cars, including NSX's with low miles, have parts going out on them quicker than expected.
Just take it to Acura, and have them fix it, hopefully its just the ecu relearning itself
I found the following using Google searching for 'obd "drive cycle" '. A number of sites listed the same procedure. No idea whether Honda follows this procedure to clear the not ready flags, but it's worth a shot. LarryB might chime in and let you know how this all works.

The OBDII drive cycle begins with a cold start (coolant temperature below 122 degrees F and the coolant and air temperature sensors within 11 degrees of one another).

NOTE: The ignition key must not be on prior to the cold start otherwise the heated oxygen sensor diagnostic may not run.

As soon as the engine starts, idle the engine in drive for two and a half minutes with the A/C and rear defrost on. OBDII checks oxygen sensor heater circuits, air pump and EVAP purge.

Turn the A/C and rear defrost off, and accelerate to 55 mph at half throttle. OBDII checks for ignition misfire, fuel trim and canister purge.

Hold at a steady state speed of 55 mph for three minutes. OBDII monitors EGR, air pump, O2 sensors and canister purge.

Decelerate (coast down) to 20 mph without braking or depressing the clutch. OBDII checks EGR and purge functions.

Accelerate back to 55 to 60 mph at ¾ throttle. OBDII checks misfire, fuel trim and purge again.

Hold at a steady speed of 55 to 60 mph for five minutes. OBDII monitors catalytic converter efficiency, misfire, EGR, fuel trim, oxygen sensors and purge functions.

Decelerate (coast down) to a stop without braking. OBDII makes a final check of EGR and canister purge.
you are asking for help and not listening to the answer

if you would call acura customer support (american honda in torrance ) not your dealer and you explain to them your situation and that you need the ECU learn process they will tell you.

From memory it is idle 7 minuntes then AC on then.... you can drive around all you want but it is satisfying these conditions that matters
I called up American Honda/Acura in Torrance, CA. They had no idea if there was a procedure. I asked if I could speak to someone higher up and they said only dealerships had access to them. I shall be taking it to DMV tomorrow after idling/driving several times now. Let's see what happens.
It PASSED!!!!!!!

All I had to do was let it idle in my garage for about an hour on three different occasions with the A/C on sometimes and off at other times. Also,
held the RPM at 2,000 for two to three minutes and then I would let it idle again. Also, I drove it 3 long 1 hour drives. I guess the individual who said you would have to go through 5 drive cycles was right! Thanks a lot guys!

Can always count on my NSXprime buddies to help out.

Mucho Gracias Senors!