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Not Your Average Lunch Combo:


I just had Wendys for lunch less than an hour ago!!!!! :eek:

I bet there is a law suit in the near future. I wonder how the finger got in the food. The owner had to know it was missing, and when the accident happened, shouldn't the lot have been tossed out as contaminated? :confused:
it's one of my favorite fast food place :( Darn...now i need to find another favorite one. I don't know if i can eat at wendy's again. I just love their 99 cents nugget with sweet and sour sauce.

And it all happen near home too ...

Do you think the person who ate it...order the chili...had the finger that she cut from someone else..dipped it into the soup..and ate it...pretending it came from Wendy's?

When they interviewed the witnesses, they were young ...about the same age as the person who ate the fingers. Hmmm...i wonder if they knew each other.
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It's unlikely Wendy's had anything to do with the finger getting in the chili other then buying canned ingredients used to make chili. Canned Tomatoes and Beans come from all over the world and normally there are no problems. :wink:
DocL said:
I wonder if it was "Finger lickin' good!" :biggrin:
You've got a twisted sense of humor, Doc. :D

Wasn't there a movie or TV episode where some killer ground up his victim(s) and served it to unwitting customers to cover up the crime? I wonder if this could be a case of a murder cover-up as well...

That restaurant is very close to my previous home. I used to go to that Wendy's, but never had the chili. I think I've just been weaned out of Wendy's for life.
I call bogus on the story. The finger came in the ladies pocket and she tossed it in the chili. I don't know much about it, but I just can't see this happening.

She should end up in jail, unless our F'd up system decides it better to award this scammer money.
I hope she is held accountable for the drop in sales at different Wendy's restaurants. They should all sue her for loss of revenue! On top of that, she deserves some hefty jail time.