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NSX Doing Donuts in a parking lot

19 November 2009
Long Island, NY
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/xUOE_DVkq-I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Poor car... though i think this is/was incredibly dangerous, i am surprised how well the car moved around. I never saw one do donuts before.

is this a prime member?
..............poor car indeed. It's an NSX not a 91 300ZX....and dangerous with all the other cars around. If I saw someone doing that near where my car (especially the X) was parked it will not be a pretty situation.
That looks like me right before I buy new tires. Why leave ANY trace of tread on the old ones?:eek:
So...you guys have never done a burn out or a doughnut?

Granted, I would never do one that close to other vehicles in a parking lot that small....but its a burnout...

Better get off prime and tell those kids to get off your lawn as well ;)
Without baffles in the oil pan, is there a risk of running the engine dry of oil burning doughnuts? (Canadian Spelling)
So...you guys have never done a burn out or a doughnut?

Last burnout was in my Buick grand national at the track

Last donut was in my pathfinder in the snow and an empty parking lot while testing the handling of my new tires. Never did one in my cars since I was 17 and also was in the snow.
In a camaro I did donuts. I would never do it in my NSX.
What's wrong with doing donuts? I see NSX owner track there NSX and even drift their NSX. Isn't it kinda the same :confused:? Anyways, look fun and cool to me :wink: :smile:!

It was kinda crazy where he was doing it at. He could of pick a better and more open space to do it. For a moment I thought he was gonna hit something. Glad nothing happen and everyone was safe :wink: :smile:!
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Nothing wrong with doing donuts, especially on a japaneses engineered machine as the NSX. Place of the action was the problem in that video but I often do donuts in an open parking lot near my dealership right along with a gtr, a neighbors golardo and a scud as well.
I thought he was gonna hit the curb at the end of the clip. Glad he didn't but yeah definitively not a good location to do that lol.