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oh damn

its been on ebay for 7-8 months straight; with fake bids nonstop every time to peak interest re that silly reserve price.

what gets me is; dont the ppl who ruin their nsx' do a basic trade/kbb/craigslist/ebay/prime comparison to guage how realistic/reasonable their asking prices are?

Only word that comes to mind for this one.
I think it's mainly the wheels and lambo doors thats making it such an eyesore. It wouldn't look so offending if it had a set of CE28N's on it. I'm not saying it looks good though...

edit: just saw it has air suspension.... bleh
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How come there's no mods like this done to the R8, GT-R, and P cars?

You mean like this?



I didnt read the description... but why list a car with a picture of jumper cables attached? cant be good for the resale
Somebody please save that poor NSX and bring it back to its former glory.

That would be a charity project - sort of like pro bono lawyer work, lol.

Any wealthy benefactors want to sponsor this one?
Just like when they wacked Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas"...."Uhhhh....He's Gone and There's Nothing We Can Do"

Hah.. I was going to use a more recent example. It's like old man Herschal on the Walking Dead thinking he could cure the zombie infection. Some things just can't be properly reversed.
Do any of you realize how staggeringly-effective that car would be at picking up tail in TN?

if that were true, he wouldn't be selling the "supercar".