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Open engine maintenance, weird rod markings

11 July 2014
France, Switzerland
Currently doing a full refresh on my '98 C32B (everything rubber, then everything that needs to be replaced).
Turns out that 2 rod bearings were slightly scuffed. So we'll replace them with new ones, of course, but looking at the rods for the original markings (in order to get the rod bearing color code) here's what we found:
First the expected marking:

no surprise there... (code 2P, with the F marking on my crankshaft points out to "brown" bearings)

But on the other side of each rod:

each rod had a similar marking, a 2-digit number and "6A". Quite weird, I'd be interested to know if anyone could enlighten me about where that could come from.

The engine was never opened before AFAIK (i'm not the first owner but my mechanic and I think that the bottom engine was never opened since factory).

Crankshaft markings for reference:

Rod bearings and caps:

The engine block, everything is in really good shape, cylinders are still mirror finish:

One of the heads with port matched & polished exhaust conduits, swirl polished valve stems...:

ARP head bolts will go in, as well as Cometic head gaskets, '01+ LMAs, billet oil pump gear, ATI super damper pulley, Foundry3 alternator mount, Foundry3 engine mounts... and quite a few other nice things ;)
That sure seems like a [MENTION=25737]Kaz-kzukNA1[/MENTION] question!