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Paint the Fenders or Not? Restoring my '92 Silver NSX- original owner

29 March 2016
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Hello NSX Friends,
My NSX expert mechanic in Orlando is almost finished a rehab of my Silver '92. We have to paint the front bumper and there are also some dings in the two front fenders. I will SELL my baby upon completion of the rehab.

Some people say to stick with the Original Paint. Others say to paint the fenders and make it look like new before the Sale.

What do you think?
Thank you to all!
-- Michael
If you do paint the fenders, I would take pictures before doing so. Some buyers will see the new paint and imagine the worst, car has had the whole front end torn off etc.
How significant are the 'dings in the front fenders? Since you are fixing up for sale, are the dings a significant issue that will affect the sale value? In most cases, the cost of minor cosmetic repairs will exceed the increase in the sale price. Best to leave the repair to the discretion of the next owner. If the damage is more significant and could materially affect the sale price of the car, that is a more difficult decision. You need to do the calculation on the cost of repair versus the potential increase in sale value.

Unless the car is a low mileage vehicle where original paint could be a significant factor in value (doesn't sound like it), I wouldn't get hung up about having original paint. As to whether you have the body and repaint work done or a subsequent owner gets the work done, that is a separate decision. I do know that if you go for a cheap repair and its botched, that will decrease the value of the vehicle.
if these are minor dings or rock chips, I'd definitely leave it. another consideration is matching the 30 years old silver paint, it'll likely need to blend with the adjacent body parts to make it look right.
Thank you to all who responded!
It seems like the consensus is to protect the integrity of the car and paint, as is because the downside of Buyer Suspicions of Damage seem to outweigh the advantage of a pristine look on the vehicle.
My '92 has 71,000 miles. The cost to repair: Front Bumper $500; Left Fender: $300 for a small-ish chip; Right Fender: $350 for a deeper rock chip. I gotta repaint the front bumper, at least.

Does this change any opinions here?

All the Best,
PS: Which venue is the preferred one to SELL my NSX?
can you post a close up pic?