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Places & People that do mods in Michigan?

17 April 2001
Hello everyone!

This question, I guess, is directed to the people who live in Michigan, and have replied to an earlier post I put up (particularly CarGuy!, Dano, Z man, NSXocto, jorligan, nicholas421. Forgive me if I left anyone out)

Are there any places or people in Michigan near the Detroit area (or just anywhere in MI) that can do aftermarket mods on NSX's, or if you guys do them yourselves? Or drive them all over the place to get the mods done?I may need some help on I/H/E in the future. Please let me know your thoughts!

From what I've heard, you're lucky if you can get competent service from the MI dealers just for routine maintenance. No flames intended.

The MI owners I know have either done the mods themselves, or they've gone to the dealers in Chicago or Milwaukee. Acura of Brookfield (WI) has the most experience with mods in the Midwest, but is 100 miles further. Muller's Woodfield Acura (IL) does a lot of NSX work and has done short gears and light mods (I/H/E, window fix-it thingies, etc).

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Carguy knows a guy who may be interested in doing the mods you are interested in—headers and exhaust. I know he did the SC install for Carguy’s NSX and is an excellent mechanic as well as a really nice guy. I’m not certain that he’s interested in doing NSX work but it probably doesn’t hurt to ask. In the past, I have done some work on other people’s NSXes in my garage but I’d shy away from a header install. Exhausts don’t bother me too much but headers are a serious pain and the potential for causing personal as well as cosmetic/mechanical injury is a little bit higher than I feel comfortable with. For the headers, it’s worth the $$ to have it done professionally, unless you really have a passion for working on cars and want to spend some cash on tools and stuff and don’t mind having a miserable time under the car for a day or two—and still not get the 02 sensors out! <g>

Yeah, Carguy did mention to me his friend that put on the SC on his NSX. Right now, that may seem to be the only option I have at this point. But if anyone has any other people or places let me know.

if I do decide to get the headers first and have it installed, then get the exhaust, Im sure it will be fun to ask for a small get-together for an Install Day or something, and maybe all the MI NSXers can give me a hand in installing the exhaust.

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
It goes from the engine to the exhaust. It's several feet long.



How long does a header install take by a professional NSX mechanic usually?! Please answer in hours and minutes.