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portland dyno testing

15 September 2000
Hillsburito, OR
While at PIR found a dood with a dyno. Multisync and I are going to do some chip swaping and diagnose his supercharger problem.

The dyno guy will give us a good deal if we do some late night dyno runs.

I am going to generate a baseline for my car with RM exhaust. I am going to see if the dinan chip improves my setup. Does anyone in the area have the ECU module with dali chip they would be willing to let us borrow for a dyno test?

I may bring my stock exhaust along and get a dyno reading on a totaly stock setup so I can see what the RM exhaust did.


I have a vacum/fuel pressure gage. I think that can work as a boost gauge to see if your boat anchor is working.
A makeshift boost guage would be perfect. Comptech wants me to guage boost at full throttle (while under load) and report my findings. This would be A LOT easier if the guage could be mounted in the engine bay and someone could read it while on a dyno run. Running the guage into the cockpit is a major PIA that I'd like to avoid.

I found a stock ECU on Ebay. I'm the current high bidder and the auction ends in 10 hours. I anticipate having that chip within 10 days.

We should still do a dyno session. You can get a hp baseline and find out if the Dinan chip is worth installing in your car. If the Dinan's worth it, we'll swap ECUs on the spot and I'll resell the Ebay chip. If the Dinan isn't worth it, I have the Ebay chip coming anyways. I can do the dyno run any night next week. Let me know what's best for you.

Red/Red '91. Comptech Supercharger. RM headers. Comptech exhaust. Short ratio gears. Ring and Pinion swap. RM racing suspension. 18/17 wheels/tires.
You guys mind if I tag along for the Dyno run?
I'd like to get a Pre-Supertrapp exhaust Dyno run to see how much the exhaust changes.
I'm planning on ordering a Dali Chip here in a few days too. So pre and post dali chip runs would be really helpful.
I'm putting the 9 pound kit on my Comptech supercharger on 11/15, so to dyno it now would be redundant. Scott might be interested in sharing a dyno pull, though.

Red/Red '91. Comptech Supercharger. RM headers. Comptech exhaust. Short ratio gears. Ring and Pinion swap. RM racing suspension. 18/17 wheels/tires.
Not a problem. Looks like Multisync going to hold off for a while. We can probably split some dyno time. I will give the place a call. If we don't use all of our time we can come back for a few more pulls after the mods. They sell by the hour. I would guess it is about 15min per pull? My schedule is a bit cramped lately but I will see what I can work out.

Do you have the ziff socket installed for the IC or are you just going to solder it in or send your ECU to dali?
Have dali send your original IC back in a anti-stat bag so you can swap it out if you ever run into trouble. I am pretty sure dali installs the ziff socket. This allows you to plug the chip in and out very easily. You could also base line your dyno.

Originally posted by Edo:
I'm sending mine off to Dali. No ZIF sicket for me yet.
I'm also pretty swamped here, so no hurries.