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Question: Acura TL Wheels 2004-2008

30 June 2010
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Have these ever been adapted for the NSX? Either the standard wheels or the Type- S model? A significant number of TL's have been wrecked and there are full wheel packages floating around at a reasonable price.

I have searched and not found any information and apologize if this is a repost.


TL Standard
Our cars are meant to used with double staggered or at least staggered wheels.
This I know. It is not an optimal solution.
I'm not sure that you do realize because it's not a case of "optimal solution" .. it's more a case of "will it work or not". For years prior to 2002, the front and back wheel diameters were different and failure to compensate in the selection of tire sizes will cause the ABS to get upset and override the throttles and effectively make it undrivable. And IIRC, the various TL wheels only come sets of like sizes .. you can't even get a 16" and 17" in the same style.

If you do try to match the 17/17 combo that was on 2002 and newer, you would also have to use appropriate sized tires (to avoid the ABS problem) as well as verifying that the center bore size and offsets are compatible. You can find that information here: http://www.nsxprime.com/wiki/Wheel-Tech-OEM

That being said, I am more so curious *IF* it has been done, and if so, what the results were.
In my 10+ years on this site, I do not recall anyone talking about successfully using TL wheels
I did a quick google search and the 2004 TL has 17x8 +45 wheels.

If you really wanted to you could go with 215/40R17 and 245/40R17 tires. I would also suggest a 5mm spacer for the rear.

I have a better idea, if you want to stick to Acura OEM wheels then go with the A-spec wheels. If I recall correctly all A-Spec wheels look similar but the 1st gen TSX had 17s, 04+ TL had 18s and the RDX had 19s. Find 2 from 2004-08 TSX for the front (17x7.5 +55), use the 18s from 04 TL as rears (18x8.5 +45) and you will have a nice 17/18 combo :D

Good info on A-Spec wheels:
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You also need to consider the center bore, and that's a problem with four wheels of the same kind. The center bore is the big hole in the very center of the wheel, and its diameter is designed to fit exactly over the hub (the part that sticks out from the brake rotor when mounting the wheel). Unlike most cars, the NSX has different sized center bores, front (70 mm) vs rear (64 mm). If you use wheels with a center bore that's smaller than the hub, they won't fit (although you can get them drilled to widen the center bore). If you use wheels with a center bore that's larger than the hub, they may be susceptible to vibrations (many people experience this, although some seem to luck out). A work-around for the latter is to find hubcentric rings to fit on the wheels. But any time you start getting into a bunch of workarounds, you're just asking for trouble. I'd instead recommend getting either OEM NSX wheels, or aftermarket wheels whose center bores, offsets, widths, etc were designed to be used on the NSX.
Thank you everyone for their posts.

Your responses are as I suspected. A royal pain in the ass, if possible at all.

HOWEVER, the reason why I asked initially, is that I remember seeing an black NSX, in person, with wheels *very* similar to the stock TL wheels.... They must have been something similar in design, but not the stock TL. Not sure what they were.

Confirmed. I am crazy.

I wondered the same thing so I tried to put my wife's
2008 TL Type-S rim on my NSX

the rear fit, the front did not. the center that covers the bolt was too thick.

so answer is no..
When I had an Acura Legend, the center bore was 70mm all around just like the front of the NSX. To use TL-S rims the center bore on the TL rims where enlarged to 70.1mm by a machine shop. Fit perfect. A friend of mine took it one step further. Rims center bore was enlarged to 73mm which is typical of many aftermarket rims center bore. Then simply aftermarket hub rings were used of the appropriate size for fitment.