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Recommendations on Evaporator Cleaner

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
We have had a recent blast of hot weather (for us) resulting in regular use of the AC on the NSX. Combined with relatively high humidity levels, the evap has developed that swamp fragrance. The evap is draining; but, I have not yet checked to to see if the drain is partially obstructed. That said, the microbes that have taken up residence and are contributing to the swamp fragrance are going to have to be evicted. Any recommendation on a good spray in deodorizer / cleaner that I can use?
Remove the blower unit, 1/2 quart of alcohol 70% sprayed in high pressure in an around the evap unit, wait for 10 minutes, rinse it off with destilled water, let the fan blow on max for 1/2 hour.
I believe Kaz uses something similar to the below. It emulsifies dirt, grease and debris, which can then be rinsed with a gentle stream of water. I think in really bad cases, he will use a sift bristle brush to agitate the foam before rinsing. If you live in a humid climate, he recommends washing once per year. If your evap is not super dirty, I think Gold's recommendation will work fine at cutting the musty smell.

Before using any cleaning agent please remind that you're inhaling the residuals of it while driving afterwards. That's why I went with cheap alcohol 70% even though it doesn't kill all particels but it does kill all bacterias which cause the bad odor.

If the evap is dirty (the NSX has no air filter) you can use a fine tooth brush and a hoover to remove most of it.

I've pictures of the procedure but won't upload some anymore because my storage is nearly full, sorry.
Yeow! On Amazon.ca the Frigi fresh lists for $70 plus shipping and the Nu Calgon is about $40 with free shipping. I tried to scrounge locally this morning; but, any kind of spray in evap cleaner seems to be in short supply locally. The HVAC places that have the cleaner in the 4 l jugs are reserving their inventory for their own use in manual sprayers. It seems that the recent bought of hot, humid weather has caused an outbreak of evap skank.

May have to try [MENTION=10201]goldNSX[/MENTION] 's 70% IPA method.
The one we can buy here has a little bit of Camphor in it (smells good/clinical), just to make the alcohol unable to be drunk.

It's not so important what product to use but much more about where and how to spray it into. I use a desinfectant spray for the blower unit itself. Or you could fill an empty spray gun bottle with the alcohol also works.
Try Lysol , a few years ago my wife stated there was a "dank "smell from the a/c , she told me to spray Lysol in cowl intake . She was right ,killed the smell , worked for me .The one thing i always do is when running a/c is to shut off compressor and run fan for a minute to dry evaporator .
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