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Relocation or mounting of Comptech RRFPR.

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
I was wanting to mount my RRFPR where the ole fuel pump resistor was on the firewall just behind the passenger seat. Thought I saw a pic of this once. Probably need a longer fuel line for one of the lines, return line will probably be ok to reuse.
I got mine just hanging there til I find a home for it.
Don't feel like drillin the trunk.
Any one done this or have pics and a story?
Just sharing again.


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Here is a few pics I found....


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Mine (similar vintage as yours, with same-length lines) was mounted to the black aluminum lip that is under the rear garnish, on the passenger side. I don't like that location (lip has to be drilled, FPR almost touching the valve covers). I would get new longer hoses and do the location indicated in the current installation manual (driver side of rear firewall).

The newer/longer hoses don't have stainless braid as the exterior. I've heard rumors (that I haven't been able to substanciate) about them possibly being not 100% reliable over the long term (as you'd want with fuel lines). So if you go that route you may need to get all the lines...or have a custom one made to match the other stainless...or have them mismatched...few will notice.

One thing to not about the location you've included pictures of is that the SS lines touch the snout and or SC/manifold. The SS lines are abrasive...so you don't want them touching anything you don't want scratched.
Yes , yes and yes
Also , personally I like to mount the fmu(rrfpr?) in such a location as to not add too many lengths of fuel lines , and also use factory holes as T-rev stated he wanted to do (in all of my turbo kits I try to avoid cutting or drilling the car) this is not always possible but there are many options in the nsx!
Lastly - you should have bought a TURBO TREVOR 'cause don't you know a TURBO is the only way to go and unless you buy a TURBO I'll never speak to you again!

OH YA I ALMOST FORGOT - when can I borrow your gf?
The fire wall is a clean install even if you add 2 small holes,as for the trunk you can place an ungodly amount of stuff thru the 2 existing grommet holes but you most likly know that. If it was mine I would go with firewall as that leaves the trunk holes ready for your n20 to go with the charger (built motor) of course.
Best Regards David