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Roll Cage looking nice !

28 May 2003
lowell, ma
This is the up to date picture of the roll cage installation. I have painted the cage to match the car and next the sparco 5-point harness will be installed. I will post the done picture next week.


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    nsx rollbar (2).jpg
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WoW!! looks amazing!!
it does look really great in person, i was admiring it the other day. i wouldnt want to get in and out of the car too often though :).
The roll cage was made by Comptech and it was the last one in the USA. The cage bolts into many factory holes except the front bar that ends up by your feet. Much drilling, taping and reinforcing was done for a secure fit of the front bar. For every day use the front bar unbolts for ease of getting in and out of the car. When the front bar is installed it is very tight to get in (a shoe horn is a plus). New pictures to come. :smile: Thanks Mitch @ Mechanics Direct Modifiers
Just for a small clarification, this is a roll BAR, not a cage. No head protection in front of the B/C pillar. Windshield/A pillar can still collapse during a rollover.
Does this bar have attachment points on the seat belt bolt on the b-pillar like a normal harness bar? Do you have picture of all the bolting points? Just curious.