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RPS Max series clutch and Cyn-R-G flywheel installed by Autowave

30 June 2004
Toronto, Canada
So I've finally made it back to Canada. I had my car at Autowave the day before it was loaded on the enclosed transport back to Canada.

I wanted to write a product review and take some of the members who are either considering a new clutch or need a new clutch like I did along for a ride through my most positive experience with a very important component of the NSX.

Initial Intro
I first heard about the RPS clutch from Shane at Autowave when I got a wheel bearing replaced. I knew my clutch was weak but I tried to baby it to prolong its life. Mark at Autowave also noticed that the clutch was weak.

I considered this but I didn't want to spend money unnecessarily and with my NSX being a daily driver, I couldn't go without it for more than a day. I didn't know much about clutches but everything I read about the RPS clutch and the segmented flywheel just made a lot of sense. One of the NSX race cars that was in the shop at Autowave also was having the RPS clutch installed for one of the JGTC events. I then met up with RPS guys at the JGTC vendor booth and obtained even more info like how the flywheels are balanced, etc.

Decision and install
I figure any decent clutch + flywheel for the NSX will run me about the same or more in cost and figured it just made sense to get this kind of work done by a reputable shop like Autowave rather than some Acura dealer in Canada. Shane also stood behind the RPS product so I decided to give it a try.

The Max series can hold upwards of 400 ft/lbs of torque so I figure if I decide to Turbo, SC or NOS my NSX, my clutch can handle it. If it stays rather stock, it will probably last forever...

Don't hold Autowave to this as my circumstances were different as it was my daily driver and time was running out before I had to leave California but I asked Shane to have the clutch done the same day. They all stayed late and worked overtime to finish the job. These guys are really awesome!

Since the tranny was out and we had easy access to many areas, Mark recommended that I change the spool valve seals, mainshaft seal, drive boots, as they were all leaking, etc. I knew this before from my inspection report and figured it made sense to do it then when everything was out of the way. Tranny and coolant was changed as well. Mark had done 3 clutch installs the week before so he was extremely fast with my install. Where can you go to a shop that has this volume of work done on NSXs??

Shane told me to lay off on the clutch and break it in for at least 500 miles or so. I was conservative and went easy on the clutch for about 1000 miles. One thing to note is that the pressure plate produces significantly more pedal resistance and you have to get used to it. I stalled it on the first try. I stalled it whenever I just forgot and wasn't expecting it. I'd have to say that it's at least twice or more times harder than stock but amazingly smooth once you get your leg used to it. No chatter at all, just a silky smooth engagement.

Maybe it's just a testosterone thing but I went to the autoshow and laughed at all the sissy OEM clutches in the sports cars esp. the 911 and Carreras. This is the kind of clutch that needs to be in the NSX! Takes a little getting used to it, but I now yearn for it.

The engagement point is sooner and with the additional force, it's very easy to stall it. Feels like the Ferrari's stiffer clutches, though I think the RPS is even stiffer.

The flywheel is extremely responsive and revs so quickly now. The OEM flywheel was slow to spin up and was slow to rev down. The Cyn-R-G flywheel @ 9.5 pounds is not the lightest flywheel but is much lighter than OEM, will last forever and can be serviced.

I started jump on this clutch soon after the 1000 mile mark. It engages hard "bang!" and your wheels are spinning @ WOT. I've got 285 30 18s and I chirp 2nd gear @ redline and 3rd gear at slower speeds. The difference is night and day. I can't say that I definitely notice power gains, etc as I have not dyno'd it before / after but the gear shifting has improved dramatically. I definitely believe that this is one of the best performance mods I have done with the NSX to date. It changes the character of your car that is very different than power or sound.

With Shane's permission, here are some pics of the install...

This is / was my OEM clutch and flywheel. You can't see the second clutch plate but the one you see was the better of the two. The other clutch plate was worn to the rivets. You can see the hot spots on the OEM flywheel.

Here is Mark doing a test fit with the Tranny Mainshaft.

Clutch and flywheel installed and ready for the Tranny to go back in...

Here is the tranny about to be installed. Even Shane was helping out as it was getting late and everyone was hungry! That's Shane in the center, Mark on the right and I believe Louis on the left. Great job guys!
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With Shane's permission, here are some pics of the install...

Here is Mark doing a test fit with the Tranny Mainshaft.
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glad to hear you like your new clutch! my nsx has been at autowave for 1 1/2 months now and it is also getting the same clutch installed(with a some other goodies). i was worried about every day drivability and stop and go traffic. sounds like you are just saying it takes some practice, like learning how to drive stick again? i hate to stall in the middle of traffic, i feel so embarrased, esp in an nsx. :wink:
We picked up our NSX from Autowave last month, my wife and I are really impressed with the pedal feel and engagement of our new RPS clutch. The wife got the task of clutch break-in for the first 750 miles to and from work. Her comment was "this clutch is awsome, can we get one for my NSX". So far we have used the car for an Autocross practice at the Q, about 15 runs each and a track day at the Streets of Willow last Sunday, seven 20 min. sessions.
We have used the RM clutch and the current stock clutch in our White NSX, and Comptech Power grip was the clutch the RPS replaced in the Red NSX. The RPS is the best clutch we have experienced in our cars, if you're on-the-fence of what your next clutch should be try the RPS, it works. - Paul
I also had an RPS clutch installed (Thanks to the guys from SOS!!!) and absolutely love it!!! The clutch that it replaced was a Comptech PGII. I too stalled it :redface: on my first drive back from the shop but got the hang of it in no time.
Diablo PM'd me with an issue he had with the Master / Slave clutch cylinders. (Most likely his Master) cylinder failed after installing the RPS clutch. Could be due to the added pressure required.

Is anyone else having issues with the Master / Slave cylinders? My 91 OEM master cylinder was failing before the install as I had trouble getting into first gear. Autowave replaced the master and fixed the issue. Shortly after, I installed the RPS and have not had any issues until recently... but it's not a confirmed issue yet...

I find that the clutch pedal intermittently feels like it sticks half way during depression. It does not happen all the time but sometimes it feels like it sticks slightly about half way down. I don't have any other issues and the clutch works fine but wondering if it may be the first signs of the slave failing since the master is brand new.
Chris@SoS said:
Yes, it is :)

-- Chris

hey chris. This might be a dumb question but how come the one pictured here has a blue pressure plate where as the one posted on sos website is gray?