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Saw this on C/L

8 June 2012
Shawnee Ks
I just found this forum as my interests are growing for a used NSX. I have found tons of good info here and am trying to decide exactly what I want. This car is not exactly what I am looking for..other than being black. I think I want a targa..so 95 and newer. This sounds like a very good price and wandered about some opinions. At 18k...there has to be something wrong. Does automatic really kill resale.


BTW thanks to whomever started this forum and all that contribute to it.
Its adequately priced given the year, mileage, and the auto. There are many members on this forum with auto tranny NSX's but yes, they can be very hard to sell from what I have monitored over the past 20 years. I think its less the "auto" than it is a significant reduction in HP.

There's a super clean VERY nicely fixed up auto on Autotrader, i think out of Chicago.. or at least there was... great rims, suspension, sound system, everything. But it might be gone...
There is another silver auto in vegas 98.39960.They do seem harder to sell/take longer.That being said am looking somewhat at them myself.
Yes...it appears the auto NSXs are getting harder and harder to sell as the years go by. I can't understand why anybody with two perfectly working legs would want anything but a MT. IMO, at some point in the not too distant future, I think it's going to make financial sense to convert a lower priced AT and just convert to MT vs. buying a MT.