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Seeking an Alignment Shop in San Francisco-San Jose area

20 April 2006
I'm seeking a reputable and careful Alignment Shop in the San Francisco-San Jose area. I have seen a few recommendations in other much older post (a year or 2 ago) and wanted to see if anyone recently has any really good recommendations for shops to perform an alignment on the NSX.

In addition to that, was wondering if anyone had setup any discounts specific for prime members at the recommended shops.
When I need an alignment on the NSX, I've gone to the best NSX mechanics for it, rather than an alignment shop that might not be familiar with the car. Fortunately for you, you live near two of the best: Hilltop Auto in Daly City, and Foreign Affair in Santa Clara.
I think Auto Innovations is closer to you.

1337 Minnis Circle
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 956-8004
Not sure what part of the area you're in. I'm very happy with Precision Auto in Pleasanton. Many folks recommend Hilltop, which is a few miles NW of SFO.
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+2 for Don Lam at Hill Top.
If you need an aligment, you only need to know TWO WORDS!

Auto Innovations :biggrin:

Not saying the other places are no good but I would only trust Orlando/Steve (owners) They have done alignments for all my cars and always very careful. Trust me there's nothing you have that they haven't seen before.

You are so close to them so don't see why you would go anywhere else.