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Shin-Etsu Grease

I use it to lubricate the weather stripping and the seal on the targa top. Every now and then if you dont, you may hear some squeaking out of the roof.
As above:smile:
I purchased (not cheap) a tube to use in rebuilding ABS modulator units to lubricate the spring mechanism on the individual modulators. It is very similar to Dow Corning DC4 compound, which is also a silicone base grease. The DC4 is half the price of the other stuff and for what you guys are using it for would work just fine.

Good product been using it for 10 years now, really great on door and window sub seals.:biggrin:
P.S. don't get it on your skin it will cause burning or redness, use gloves when applying it.
Good stuff, also dow corning is good too, just a bit too sticky. Yes read the lable your not supposed to get it on your skin.........
Honda Shin-Etsu Grease:

Great lubricant for rejuvenating NSX Targa top rubber seals
Bad lubricant for raw dogging prostitutes

I guess the corollary is:
Bad lubricant for rejuvenating NSX Targa top rubber seals
Great lubricant for raw dogging prostitutes
:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
They are used to the burning and itchy skin.

yup, look at my avitar, I took this pickture a few minutes after I applied the grease to my.... well... never mind.

Next time I'll read the instructions.