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spa yellow owners: paint question

10 June 2008
Hi guys.

i dont have an NSX, but require your recomendations as i have a spa yellow S2k which was unfortunately backed into.

*sigh* how the hell do people miss yellow cars. :mad:

anyone have experience with a re-paint?

i have taken the car into acura erin mills and the paint DOES NOT match at all.

it has too much green.

the body shop wants to blend it and i dont want to, as it is much lighter than the rest of the car.

this was an insurance job, my insurance states that since its erin mills acura is not on their approved list, that im SOL. they cannot go after them is what they are saying.

Did someone refer you to this dealership? Or did you simply go there because you just assumed they would do a good job? Most dealerships outsource their work. If Acura wasn't on the approved list, maybe their bodyshop was? I don't have ANYONE work on my car unless I get some excellent references (ESPECIALLY paintwork). At this point, you only have a few options, either have the shop blend, or have the new shop repaint the part you had painted, and they can use their discretion to blend if needed. Most good shops will do this for the tougher colors like White Pearl. GOOD LUCK.
Spa yellow is a pain to match, and even a bigger pain to determine if the paint job is acceptable. As above, it make take over a week of different lighting and angles of view to determine if you are happy with the result.
1.it was a referral
2. the yellow has a noticeable touch of green as opposed to the orange
3. i really cannot see them blending this as the color is so far off.
4. i did not sign a work order
5. mills acura body shop not a preferred body shop my my insurance
I would go back to Erin Mills. You are the customer. You're the one who they have to please.

I definately would not bring it anywhere else, unless of course you're so unhappy with EM that you can not go back; but I would be suprised if that is the case.

That said, it will never be a perfect match. pbassjo on this site, who is as unbelievable a painter as the world has ever seen, has said that it has to do with the alignment of the metalic flecks when you lay the paint down. You could go back to the very can of paint that the car was painted with and unless you did it during the same process, you'd be shafted.

But it sounds like they got the color wrong too. Have them do a scan of your new and old paint and see what it shows.

EM has been great (on a dealer and mechanic front) with us. I can only assume that they would be equally accomodating with you on the paint.
i forgot to mention:

the broken side marker --they glued it back on as someone broke the tab --i know it was perfect.
incorrect s2000 emblem --i told the manager my s2000 are special order black chrome

i will not nick-pick at the minor body work flaws/paint drip/too much pearl on certain areas, but like i said before and again, the paint doesnt even match :mad:
Call the Master--Joe Lomoriello 1-845-454-3220 He will give you the answers needed plus he's one of the best men to know :wink: