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Spotted 4 NSXs on I-5 on Memorial Day

15 March 2004
So Cal
I was heading back home, south-bound to So Cal on I-5, and I saw 4 different NSXs all going north-bound on I-5 between Los Angeles and Sacramento. Saw 2 black ones, 1 yellow, and 1 red (red had a color-matched roof). I could tell that the red one and one of the black ones had some big shiney wheels on them. Don't know if they were anybody on here but just pointed it out since I figure there where a lot of people driving today going home from the 3-day weekend. For all I know there might have been more that I missed as I was watching movies in the car :tongue:
evof575gtc said:
normally that would be me,poohbear,UP2YU, & malibu rapper on our weekly GTG cruise. sounds like someone is copy-cating us? :wink:
That does sound a lot like us. Except, my is "GOLD" just kidding--Imola Orange. The blink-blink wheels sound like malibu rapper and poohbear!
From the cars I saw on the freeway and from the ones I've seen in person or in pics here on Prime, could have looked like malibu rapper but definetely not Poohbear (none of the NSXs that I saw had 02 front ends)