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Sputtering below 3000 RPMS

23 October 2000
Irvine, CA
Wow its been a long time since i've posted to this board.... Last month I was prepping to sell my 95' and I finally realized just how much I love her. (I haven't even driven her in practically a year). I'm now committed to getting her back in shape, and have finally started to take care of all the little things that she has been neglected (new tires, new headlights, FRESH OIL!).

As I drive her around now though, I notice a new behavior. It seems she sputters a bit when the rpms are below about 3000 in any gear. Above that she hums like normal, but below that she struggles.

Do these symptoms sound familliar? She went unused for almost 3 months, so I'm hoping its something simple like slightly clogged fuel lines or over aged gas, but I wanted to get your informed opinions before I shelve out the dollars to get her looked at.

Thanks, and its good to be back!

Letting her sit for three months shouldn't be a problem. I let her for at least four, more like five months every year (winters in Ottawa aren't nice). I did recently have a problem with symptoms close to what you're describing. Moisture had found its way into two ignition coils, causing the car to run very roughly.