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Superleggera Offset

12 October 2004
I've decided on the OZ Superleggera for my NSX. After sifting through every thread I could find, I decided on:

Front: 17X8 48mm offset
Back: 18X9 35mm offset

I call TireRack and find out that the fronts are on an 8 week backorder. The guy says that OZ now recommends 40mm offset for the front and they are available.

I can't bear to park my car for 2 months but nearly every post I found says 48mm offset. I did see one post that said 40mm was okay. What do you guys think? Is 40 going to be okay or should I just wait 8 weeks and get the 48?

My car is bone stock.
not an expert..but i think 40 is good. However, with 48 offset, you might need spacer to push it out in order to line it up w/ the fender.. PM Tom from RP Motorsports.
** Update **

I got them and they look fricken awesome! I wasn't sure that I would like them from the pictures but they look great in real life.

I went with the 40mm offset front and the 35mm offset rear and I think they line up perfect. No rubbing. Here are some pics.






I've been running 48/35 offset Superleggeras for about 2 years. I wrote a bunch of threads about them. Chances are if you did a search you saw some of them. Anyway, 48/35 is the way to go... it looks perfect, 40 will obviously work but 48 looks just right :)





Hey Jad. I wanted to do the 48's but they were on 8 week back order. I spent about an hour on the phone with tire rack and the guy said that OZ's website actually recommended the 40 now. They look great. I had no idea they could paint silver that bright. They look polished without all the maintenance of keeping a polished wheel clean.

Do you know what the metal is? I heard something like titanium impregnated forged aluminum or something.

How does that work?
Very funny you mention the finish of the wheels. I have really good advise for anyone who buys these wheels.......

Don't scratch the finish!!

If you ever try to get them repainted, or a bend fixed by a wheel repair shop be prepared that they won't be able to match them. I bent one of my front wheels 2 months after I bought them. I sent the wheel out to a shop I had experience with (we sent all our Porsche wheels there). The owner of the shop called me back and told me he couldn't fix the wheel. His reason was once he bends the wheel back into shape they need to refinish it. The process slightly damages the wheel and they always need to be repainted. The problem however, was that OZ uses a special type of paint, best described as a matt liquid chrome and the paint can't be purchased here in the states because it is highly toxic!! I didn't believe the guy so I called an extremely reputable body shop here in Jersey that I also used to deal with. The owner is a good friend of mine, he laughed at me when I told him the story because it was true! He had a similar experience with OZ wheels that BWM used on one of their cars (I think the M3). He told me he tried to repaint 2 of these "BMW" wheels that were slightly scratched in an accident and he couldn't match the paint at all, it looked really bad. When he contacted BMW they pointed him to OZ. After conversations with OZ they told him that the material they use to paint the wheels can't be exported to the US because of our strict regulations on high lead paints. So he was forced to paint all 4 wheels. He told me they never looked correct after he painted them. He had a very good way of explaining it to me. He said to look at the OZ superleggera closely, it looks metallic however there is no metallic flake. He's right, next time you look at the wheels stand back you'll swear it's metallic silver. Then get up as close as you can, you won't see any flake at all in the finish. It's pretty cool, and pretty bad all at the same time.

So anyway, I ended up buying a new front wheel because I couldn't get the wheel refinished without painting all four. Anyone who buys these wheels needs to keep this in mind.

As far as the material the wheel is made of it's cast Aluminum. A few websites (Dali's included) list the wheels as forged. This is incorrect, the wheels are in fact cast, however OZ uses a ingenious casting technique which greatly increases the rigidity of the wheel. The Superlegerra IIIs are forged (and heavy)
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You may want to review this post before deciding to do business with RP Motoorsports/Tom Bell!!!!!!


Dude, relax already. Man, remind me never to buy/sell anything to you. The way you're acting you'd think you never got the rims. Now post some pics of them on your ride and move on.
I talked to Tirerack and they recommended 48mm front and 55mm rear offset. I was a little concerned about the 55mm rear offset since I run a 275/35-18 rear tire but with my current 40mm offset rims there is plenty of room between the tire and the coilover. Tirerack said the 275/35-18 would fit with out a problem.
I went with their recommendation and I just recieved the rear rims :smile: , fronts should be here next week, I hope, :redface:. I did a fit check ( I don't have tires mounted yet) using a cardboard template to simulate the tire and everything looks great. My concern was not having the tires too far out towards the fender lip. The previous owner of my ride had 30mm offset front rims and the fender liners show the results. I had to put the car back to stock ride height to keep from doing more damage. I'll be replacing those liners too.
I guess it all depends on whether you car is stock or lowered. Since mine is now lowered, I'm going to tuck the tires in just a little.

One last note, I'm going to mount the Falken RT-615's, 215/40-17 and 275/35-18's I hear they're pretty sticky :biggrin: and they're also not that expensive. Anyone ever tried these tires? I guess we'll see what happens.