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TCS strange behaviour ,S03's?

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
About six months ago i put new bridgestone's S02 on my NSX, FRONT:215/40/17, REAR:255/35/18
These tyres are absolutly incedible good, just wear pretty guick (1992 alignment).
Everything fine, only in fast very sharp corners the TCS would kick-in.

Last week i bought some new rear tyres, and tried the S03's. Suddenly the TCS comes on when driving in a straight line, flooring the accelerator. I also noticed it comes on in long turns, where there is no 'excesive' wheelspin (WOW none at all).

Whats wrong???

I expect the S03's to be the same size as the S02's, and my totalwheelsize is very close to standard.

I thought the S03's where the follow-ups for the S02's (logical isn't), but i already heard the S04's are on there way (???), which are going to be the real follow-ups for the S02's.

Personally i hate these S03's, less grip then the S02's, and they look awfull. But i already bought them. I have heard/read more complaints about them.

I also noticed this grinding sound comming from my right-front wheel, when doing very fast and sharp left turns (ABS sensor hitting the pulser?). I can't feel no movement in the wheel at all.

Any thoughts?

1993 ..../black
I bought myself some rears, S03's a couple of weeks ago (18 265/35) and noticed that the TCS did come on in slow sharp cornering, where it normally shouldn't. But after driven some 2000 KM with them the TCS is working OK. I find the tires are great in rain but they are quite noisy. I just ordered 2 more for the front just because the wet-handling. But the dry handling could be better.....

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I had exactly the same problem that you describe but with Michelin Pilot Sport in stock 16"/17" size. The TCS kicked in during hard acceleration on 1st an 2nd gear especially if the road was slightly climbing.

Two months ago, I installed a set of Bridgestone S-03 on my new wheels (215/40/17 - 255/40/17)and no problem with the TCS since.

They have much more grip than the Michelin Pilot Sport and the sidewalls have less flex too.

Sorry but I can't compare the S-03 with the S-02 because I have no experience with the S-02 !

Don't be too hard on the SO3s yet; most
if not all tires have the remnants of a tire mold release encompassing the tire. This is needed to separate the tire from the mold from whence it originated. It takes approximately 100 miles of driving before one can experience the true handling characteristics of particular tire.
Another odd s-03 thing happened today.
I picked up my new fronts (215/40 17) from the cargo company and found that one of them were used!?!?!? the original sticker was on it, but you could definitely see the wear!!!
The good looking one....

The not so good looking one for beeing new....


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Dutch - what sizes on the S03's do you use now?

Swede - that sucks. Those tires look worn at least 100 miles or two.

-- Chris


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Actually they were sent directly from Bridgestone/Firestone in Sweden... My friend have a mechanic/tire shop so he ordered them for me. The funniest thing is that one is brand new and the other isn't. It's no big deal, but its one of those "things that makes you go Hmmmm"

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Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
Dutch - what sizes on the S03's do you use now?
-- Chris

Hi Chris,

The same as the S02's 255/35/18, Bugs me.

Hey Swede, me too noticed that sometimes (if not every time) tires come with original badge's/labels on, and others don't. Some of them even come fully wrapped in some aluminum foil, with Bridgestone labels on.

So Dutch, back to the main issue...have your TCS stopped bugging you after you drove her for a while?

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I haven't driven some big miles yet, so i have to wait for a bit, since i don't have the time at the moment to go for a 2K spin around the block...... 8D

It's anoying though............

I don't think that tire was mounted on a wheel and driven, I think it was just heavily abused in shipping or the warehouse. If it had been mounted and driven on, the injection mold nubs in the center tread block would be gone, as would the line. Most of the wear in the picture is on the outside edge.
Other possibilities is that the tire is slipping from the wheel. We encountered this problem before in MBZ S600 coupe. On hard acceleration the tcs keeps kicking in. No sign of tires spinning. Then we found out that the wheel slide off the tires.