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The backwards build - a new chapter in life for a former widebody

When the professionals finished my wrap, there were only four seams. Two of those were the lower front valence.

If my front lower was game, it would be called Seam City 2015.

If it was a movie, it would be called Patch Adams.

If it was a piece of artwork, it would be entitled Monotone Collage

I made so many mistakes on that part that I ended up being down to nothing but scraps left to work with.
LMAO! Looks 10/10 in pictures.

Whenever you get a chance, can you provide pics of your patch work? I'm going to wrap my car next year. I just want to get an idea of what I'm in for.
Loved the story! Yet another proud driver/owner gets his ride but the best part is meeting new, very supportive friends out there (a big thumbs up to Mexiricer) and just joy of getting personal dreams filled :) Keep us posted on the new life of your NSX and welcome aboard!
Any updates?
Great rebuild. Love the wrap job. I think all of us had a smile like that the first day we sat eyes on our NSXs.
Sorry for the lack of updates.

Its the NSX off season here in MN (woke up to -14F on the thermometer this AM). The NSX is in hibernation mode for now, quietly nestled in the heated garage while I focus on winter related projects. I expect to start working on it again come late March, or early April when I will be posting the red carpet with matching floor mats up for sale or trade for some black/charcoal carpet, selling the Downforce CF wing to pay for new seat covers from leatherseats.com, and then shipping it over to John Vasos at Acura of Brookfield for the TB/WP and radiator hose replacement.


Im starting to get back into things with spring around the corner. I posted up the Downforce spoiler and red carpet for sale. I still need at least two retainer clips (#8 in the quoted image) and it would be great to find two wiring harnesses as well (near #4 in image). Shawn was a dead end and IIRC he stopped selling parts. If you have, or know someone who might have either of these, I would be extremely grateful if you could let me know.
I do have a spare set of wiring harnesses for the headlights, fire me off a text 7 eight 0 85O 3535. I have a complete set of spare headlights somewhere but haven't been able to find them, if I find them you can have the retainers you need.

BTW, I opted for the much cheaper ridies/interior innovations seat covers and they came out pretty decent at a much lower price, check my IG [MENTION=5248]Jason[/MENTION]turtle, there are some pics of the covers going on etc.
I do have a spare set of wiring harnesses for the headlights, fire me off a text 7 eight 0 85O 3535. I have a complete set of spare headlights somewhere but haven't been able to find them, if I find them you can have the retainers you need.

BTW, I opted for the much cheaper ridies/interior innovations seat covers and they came out pretty decent at a much lower price, check my IG @Jasonturtle, there are some pics of the covers going on etc.

Message sent!

Edit: Something is going on with the sprint network here. I can only receive text messages, I cant send them. My wife is having the same issue.
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Absolutely amazing thread. Great way to start my morning! Makes me want to attempt wrapping mine myself. Hmmmmmm....:rolleyes:
Spring has been trying its best to get established up here in MN, so the project is getting the dust blown off of it, literally and figuratively.

I traded the red NSX-R style carpet for some factory charcoal carpet:

I sold the Downforcewing to @hashmiz. The proceeds from the sale of the wing are going towards a full leather seat kit from @leatherseats, which has already been ordered, but has to wait for the minimum of 10 buyers from the leatherseats.com group buy on the NSX Owner group on facebook in order to lock in the price. In the meantime I ordered some other odds-and-ends:

Brand new speakers and amps direct from Bose, 1amp Yuasa battery tender, New Battery, New Terminals, and a magnetic remote charging port:

I almost bought a Battery Tender brand charger, but after a little bit of digging I found out they moved operations over seas to China, and the units have suffered as a consequence. Some consumers were having them fail in less than a year, and Battery Tender is charging a service fee (in addition to the shipping charges) that makes sending them in under warranty actually cost more than just purchasing a new unit.

Knuconceptz Battery Terminals (small gauge wires on top are for the tender):

The wiring kit that came with the magnetic tender connection was designed for a Corvette and was way too short. I took some thermostat wire and soldered up a new harness that allowed me to install the connection inside the passenger side fog light opening after modifying the bracket.

It works great, and I have already had the benefit of having this magnetic connection prove itself. Shortly after I finished installing it one of the kids tripped over the battery charger cable. It just quietly disconnected itself without any fuss. Its really easy to connect as well. I dont have to get down on my hands and knees, Just orientate the plug in the correct direction and blindly fish it into the opening, the magnets do the work of finding the port and making the connection. Its a pretty slick (but IMHO overpriced) gadget.

I wanted to at least hear a speaker since they came in and with the benefit of the passenger side door panel already being removed, I thought it would be a few minute process before I would be hearing some tunes in the car for the first time ever. I connected the passenger side speaker and finally took a look at whats going on inside the console for radio wiring. Prior to my purchase, Brandon had aftermarket speakers and amps in the car as well as a Tein EDFC, so there is a bit of confusion for me as to what is going on. Im hoping maybe some of you can help?

I started by removing the harness that is in my hand in the above image:

I was left with what appears to be another aftermarket harness, that has been tapped into for the EDFC wiring, but also appears to go up into the area behind the glove box?

I cannot completely disconnect it from the car until I pull the box, but for testing purposes I simply disconnected it and let it dangle. This left me with only the factory connections for the head unit. Once I connected all the factory connections and turned the head unit on, I could hear a faint static noise from the passenger speaker. I did a scan for radio stations, and it didnt matter what station I tuned to, there was nothing but faint white noise/static from the speaker. The factory connections were not bypassed, there are separate aftermarket wires running to each door and the sub area. I'm not sure what is going on, but I am praying that the HU isnt dead!

I think my next step is to remove the glove box and find out what is going on back there, but if any of you happen to know or see something from my pics that could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated!

- - - Updated - - -

Well, I pulled the glove box and found where the wires ran. They went to a line level converter, which shouldnt have any effect on the stock speakers not putting out any sound. :frown:

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I spent a lot of time researching radio repair & upgrade options, finding a local company who specializes in repairing as well as upgrading OEM radios with bluetooth, aux-in, usb, etc. I even spent close to 30 mins on the phone with Daryl @ Williams Electronics. I decided to just wait on the stereo situation and button the car back up so the interior would be 'complete' since I have yet to even see the car with a full interior. I have become accustomed to having it look like this with just the seats slapped into place:

I installed the passenger side mirror and the bose speakers in the doors and reinstalled the door panels (which obviously did no good since the head unit wasnt putting out any sound). I also installed the bose sub thanks to @Valhalla for being so generous as to give me the mounting bracket for just the cost of shipping. The OEM carpet went in as well.

With the carpet in, I was able to install the rear firewall / behind the seat panels as well. I had to fish out the OEM connection for the rear center speaker that was tucked behind other wiring in order to clip it in, and remove a whole pile of wiring for the Tein EDF, then bolt the seats that are awaiting their refresh courtesy of @leatherseats.

At this point I decided I wanted to see if the CD changer that came with the car was even functional. I dug it out of the box, blew the dust off, and plugged it in. I turned on the stereo and switched it to the CD changer input. I heard some noise from the trunk when I did so, the changer doing its seemingly archaic mechanical shuffle of reading from one mini-record to the next as I stabbed the PROG and button to confirm the head unit was in fact communicating with the changer.

I nearly soiled my pants when I did so because the rear-center speaker became Tupac reincarnated and started blaring 'Me Against the World'. Apparently Brandon was a fan, and accidentally left a few CD's in the changer for me. Even more apparent, was that the head unit wasnt shot after all! I may or may not have sat there being immersed in a flashback to the mid 90's, cruising around in my 95 Civic with a turbo'ed B16A3 swap jamming to Tupac while crusing to the NOPI nationals down in Atlanta. My dream car has always been the NSX, so even when I only had a lowly civic I modified it based on my dream, slicing and dicing it to create side vents and an integrated rear spoiler in the trunk lid.

With the knowledge that the head unit wasn't shot after all, I ripped the door panels back off and attempted to figure out why the door speakers were not working. What I found made me literally do a facepalm. Brandon had an aftermarket stereo setup in the car previously. I saw the aftermarket speaker leads and ASSumed there was new leads ran. What I found was that they had spliced into the OEM wiring and done such a nice tape job that it wasn't readily apparent they had done so. I soldered up the original connections, and viola! Sound! No need to replace or upgrade the head unit (at least not yet)!

With the interior completely together, and the ability to listen to some tunes, I took her out for a short spin. While doing so, I stopped to grab some snacks from the gas station. As I walked out I just had to take this shot.

The desire to stop and stare at an NSX hasn't diminished for me since the first time I saw one in a Car & Driver magazine when I was 12. Now, that I finally get to see on in-person any time I want... well, I couldn't be more grateful.

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Man, reading your posts reminder me of my own hacked up x. It is long but rewarding road.
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Wow what a great thread! Enjoyed reading your build, especially the transporters lack of personal space. ( I'm from the Middle East, I can relate every time I visit back home lol)
Awesome job of sticking to it. It is a very rewarding moment when everything just "works". Congratulations on a job well done.
Glad you finally got her all back together, wishing you many miles of joy, I hope you drive the crap out of her. BTW, the 2Pac thing made me laugh my ass off.
8 years later, and I still do this every time I take her out of winter hibernation and wash her for the first time.

There will be chapter two of this series... when she gets in for a high quality paint. I just need to find somewhere as anal as I am and will do it right down to the jambs, bolts, and every last detail.


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