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"The Clutch" (2)

14 February 2002
Los Angeles, CA

RPS clutch now in. Feels good and it is getting better every time I drive it. There is a short brake in procedure that is neccessary to completely seat in the carbon/carbon surfaces. Pedal pressure is totally reasonable and feels very much like stock until you start to feel the hook up,lol. Not chattering either,easy to modulate. The clutch just really feels like it can take heavy abuse.

Since I live close to Rob Smith, he helped me dial it in a bit more by shortening pedal travel a bit, bleeding again and taking me out for break in tips. So far everthing he's told me has been right on. He's very concerned that his product be correct.

Mech Tech did the install and Timing belt also(whew,glad I did that finally). Fine job.

Good Deal so far,I will give another report when break in is over and complete hookup is achieved.

Dave R.

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Let us all know real soon how the clutch is working. I've already talked to Mark Basch telling him I'm real close to coming down and visiting him for a new clutch, which also means it'll be time for new ring & pinion and short gears.