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The Official 2024 F1 thread

Seems it was more about a business relationship as he has a brand and Ferrari is a publicly traded company. But I also agree its a nice pasture to retire in.
was he groping Marko...:sick:
Max fastest by over a second after first day of testing :oops:
I can't believe the season is upon us..remember the race is Saturday..
Haha from now on in this thread he shall be called

Looks like it's gonna be another great (yawn) season.
See what I said? "Yawn".
Well that was dull - Max not challenged after the first 3 seconds, the rest just driving around to greater or lesser degrees of bland ok-ness. No incidents after the first corner, just a procession.
Here’s hoping that this was a one-off, and that racing starts next week.
The new Ferrari kid did well.

How long will Aston Martin keep Stroll?

He does own the company, but at what point does it make sense to move on to a driver that can really help challenge for the upper crust of the sport?

Between AM and Alpine, one will become Andretti Cadillac. Haas is still a maybe, depending on how they perform this season.
Another dull procession - only the safety car resultant from Stroll’s crash to break the boredom. Good overtakes by Albon, but not a lot else happened. Bearman kept his head and pace. Haas engineered a point for Hulkenberg by dubious tactics deploying their other driver as a mobile road block incurring 20 seconds of penalties…
Perfect performance from Carlos and for once Ferrari didn’t implode - have they finally turned the corner? Impressive from McLaren. Perez was quick for a while, then went nowhere. Disappointing again from Mercedes. Ok from Aston Martin and Yuki.
Were there more than half a dozen proper overtakes?
Not the best race, but as above, a diferent reslut!
Carlos is a very fit and stoic dude to be able to win a race after surgery. Although the incisions are smaller for robotic assisted techniques believe me it still hurts, where the abdominal wall was cut.