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Thought I bought a car, but backed out.

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
I was going to buy an 01 NSX from Luxury Cars of Palm Beach FL, but started getting bad vibes.

1. They don't return phone calls well
2. When I asked them to fax me a copy of the title, they cannot produce it.. says their floor plan bank has it.
3. They say even when I come down and pay for the car with a cashier's check, I cannot take the signed title back to PA with me, that it will be mailed in a few days.
4. They have a negative rating with the local Better Business Bureau.

I Cancelled the transaction and asked for my deposit back. Do you think I overreacted? Or, am I lucky to get out now?

I would be embarrassed were I to admit to all the times I failed to listen to my instincts and was plenty sorry afterwards. I'd suspect that there are any number of 01's available at reputable dealers. I applaud your courage for doing the right thing.
I do not know anything positive or negative about this particular dealer but regarding the title, I feel you need not worry. All dealers in the State of Florida must hold a bond and dealer license. If they cannot produce a title, the bond would repay your loss and halt the dealer in trading further. That does not assure you of clean title but, clear title will arrive. You should still exercise caution regarding the condition of the vehicle itself but, if the price is right, and the car itself is not some rebuilt, repaired, repainted car ultimately Acura is who will earn your satisfaction not some used car dealer.

I would carefully look to see if the car has any paint work. If the car is a 2001 it should have original tires at least in front. If the rubber looks consumerate to the mileage, the car was probably cared for. No paint work. Then, she was not wrecked. Good price? Then you got yourself an awesome car as there is no such thing as a bad NSX.

If the title is the only thing holding you back, I would not worry. Did you do a carfax?
Sorry to say, but a definite over-reaction as regards to the title issues. Title is not normally handed to the buyer at the time of payment. It is normally mailed to you within 30-45 days. This is NORMAL business practice. As far as your GUT feeling goes, well we can't comment on that. If you felt it was bad, then that is what you have to go by.

Todd Arnold


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I don't think item numbers 1-3 are a concern at all. Number 4 may be a legitimate concern and is worth finding out more about.
Agree with the others about the title -- it usually gets mailed later, IMSMR.

But not returning phone calls when you're making a $60K+ deal? And the negative BBB rating. I think you made the right call to back out. There will other cars. You'll be much happier getting a car from a dealer you can trust.

-Bob ('94 #496)
Since you're buying an '01, why don't you try buying a new one from an Acura dealer, instead of mucking around with a used car dealer with a shady reputation? The Honda incentives ought to make it just about as cheap as a used one.
I understand the title working better now, and I agree that what they are doing is not unusual, and they are a licensed and bonded dealer in the state of FL... and I got a decent report about them from the local Acura dealer. So... i'm going through with it. Wish me luck. I'll tell you all how it turns out
Always get a carfax! I just found an NSX in Denver, CO few cars out here. Found out it had a rebuilt title in TX, then got clean title in KY, and is being sold at a reputable dealer here in Denver with clean title again who had no idea because he took it as a trade from a Dr.
Well.. I'm in Palm Beach. I came down with money in hand and planned to drive the car home. Its a decent car. Too bad. The bad vibes were everywhere.

The dealer wanted me to pay cash for the car first, but could not produce a clear title, And, there are conflicting stories of where the title is. Dealer says his floor plan bank has it, the origional owner of the car who insists he still owns it says American Honda has it and the dealer is selling it on consignment. He states that the dealer told him the title would be cleared and here for me when I got down here.. But it is not... too many stories.
And, When i called the Florida DMV I was told it is ILLEGAL for a licensed florida dealer to sell a car without posessing clear title. When I brought that up, the owner of the dealership said... Well... technically, but no one does it. I'm outta here. I don't need a legal battle, its more fun to drive cars. My search continues.
too bad you wasted your time. Sounds like a car with too many stories, probably better you turned around. There are some good buys out there now with the market the way it is.

-- C


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Slightly off topic, but the part about 30-45 days to get the title surprised me. I've always received it at time of purchase and had to turn it in when licensing the car, which must be within 30 days, and they mail me the new one. Perhaps Missouri is different than others on this? Of course, I've only once purchased a vehicle from a dealer and that was a used car.