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Type-S Announced

18 May 2021
2022 End Of Gen 2 Production?

Just read 2022 will be the last year of NSX gen 2 production. Given the recent years have been such low production years I am interested what we all think the value of the 2017 - 2022 cars will be. Really interested in what you all predict!
I should have provided my prediction…I suspect a reasonable drop in value but a quick level off. Given I have an August build 2021 soon to be delivered I’m clearly biased!
I'm seriously considering it. Hopefully, it doesn't go for above MSRP...

If anyone knows a dealer that wouldn't put a crazy markup, please let me know!
Sad but predictable. It was never a strong seller and too much upcoming competition. (Z06, MC20, Lotus, Artura)

Values will hold steady it is a Honda but don’t expect a rise
Hopefully they will support it for at least 20 years...Of course finding a trained tech will be a challenge.
HaHa so does Doc L....:wink:
That felt like it came from out of the blue.

So only 6 years of production for the Gen 2 car.

It will be fun to speculate how much more power the Type S will offer and at what price.

To start the conversation I will guess 625 HP total output starting at $200K.

And let's say they add a color, purple for the Purple Lady.
Some advantages to living in a big city

My servicing dealer has 3 techs who can work on them

They seem to have a good, steady business in Gen 1 NSX servicing as well
Sad to hear, but also glad I bought mine when I did. Will be interesting to see specs and pricing on the type S....
I think values will go up or maintain their current values when the rest of the market normalizes.

When I bought my first NC1, I was hoping they would discontinue as that would increase collector's value. Hoping to see something similar to Z8, which also didn't sell well during production.
Generally people want what they can't have, so typically prices go up... but time will tell. I was told early on by an NSX rep that there was a 25 year parts supply stashed away, but who really knows. I recall there was a similar parts cache for the Gen 1 cars but the warehouse was destroyed by a tsunami in Japan? Bittersweet news..... As I said before, glad I bought when I had the opportunity. It will be interesting to see what the "Type S" specs end up.....
300 units for the US, 50 for the rest of the world. I don't think it will hit Europe.
The Type S will be the most valuable NC1.
300 units for the US, 50 for the rest of the world. I don't think it will hit Europe.
The Type S will be the most valuable NC1.

Let's see all those people who posted that they would only purchase a NC1 if it was a special variant, step up to the plate. It's time to put up or shut up. :D

And I think Hugh missed the over/under by a year on when they were going to discontinue the NSX. Oh well.
30 of 50 are planned for Japan. The other 20? Let's see.

How many units did they sell last year in the US?
It is kind of sad, that this car will end. I don't expect that the S spec will be that significant in terms of power. Honda is all about refinement so I think they will improve performance so that it is noticeable but not crazy. I am debating on whether to purchase one of the last cars. I would want to option it out as it is the last car. Probably the Carbon Fiber roof won't be an option? With respect to pricing I believe it will not be significantly more expensive then the current car, but of course without any incentives initially. I wonder what colors will be new if any? As for the value of our current cars. I suspect that rarity will enhance the values. I don't see them dropping as only 350 additional cars World Wide will be offered. As of now there are 2500 in the World and at the end of the run 2850 + or - a few.

As for parts availability. My understanding from the folks at Acura is that they have 35 years worth of components. That sounds far fetched but given the low volume of the car I can imagine that they have that quantity of parts. Lets hope nothing happens to these parts.
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Either this NSX was too far behind the times or too far ahead of the times.


In the final analysis Honda knew it was time to pull the plug.