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VA drive?

9 October 2000
Honolulu, HI
Hey guys,

I lucked out on a free weekend this weekend and I plan on doing the Skyline Drive (on sat)in VA starting from Front Royal. Anybody in the area want to join me (DC people?) I was planning on a leisurely drive with the girlfriend...but I could leave her at the hotel to do some serious driving


'91 Black NSX
'87 Jumbo Jet :)
I am actually going to be out that way on Saturday. Mainly to take some pictures of the scene where I received a ticket 2 weekends ago on Rt 211 by Luray. Let me know what times you plan on being out there, maybe I can meet with you.
Hey guys:

For a treat, you may wish to try the route from Manns Harbor, NC to Manteo, NC (Route 64). If runs straight as an arrow across Croatan Sound and there is no place for the troopers to hide unless they want to get very wet. The foliage on both sides of the road gives perfect lateral cover. One day, a NC trooper passed me going the other way. Since the road was utterly empty, I nailed the accelerator. At 150, I backed off. I was amazed at the rock solid stability of the NSX at that speed. As speed increased, the car just hunkered down. Wonderful.

No need to say this, but watch out for those obnoxious gray ghosts!
Skyline Drive itself isn't usually a very good place for high-speed driving. It really is more for sight-seeing and leisurely cruising. And with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH any ticket for a "fun" speed will probably be very serious.

But many of the roads nearby, such as 211, are great. 311 is also excellent, though so well known that it's patrolled regularly.

Which brings up a question. If you receive a ticket on Skyline Drive or the Blue Ridge Parkway, it would be from a Ranger. Where would you have to go to court for that - in the county courthouse or the closest federal court?

Not sure about where you go if the ticket is issued on Skyline drive. However, as a recent victim of Rt 211 a couple miles west of Skyline Drive, I will be attending Page County Court.