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Van Buren Drive-In Meet

12 April 2012
This will be posted on as many forums as possible to try and get a good verity of Makes and

Models. The last meet we organized we had over 60 cars with two weeks notice. This time we

plan on making this meet bigger than that so be sure to tell everyone you know.

I will be making a list of people going. It will be the same as always so if you want to go

PM me with your car info and I'll add you to the list.

Ticket prices are $7 for adults and kids 5-9 $1

cash only.

I talked to the owner and he said if your car is low you will be able to get around in the


All sound for the movie is on a FM station so guys with a good sterio will enjoy this.

Van Buren Drive-In Theatre


1. vikter138 (white/black S13 hatch SR)
2. SheaLynn (white WRX Wagon blob eye)
3. SkySilvias13 (1972 Datsun 240Z)
4. Rissa (black Cobalt SS)
5. MiggyMiggz (white S14)
6. zscwc (black evo x)
7. vietman (evo IX)
8. reflexx (Camaro RS)
9. LS1Adam84 (Camaro)
10. EDK1 (red 71 Hemicuda convertible)
11. ava327 (04 yellow GTO)
12. INLANDGHIA (65 Karmann Ghia Convertible)
13. E.L.A.SpecV02 (02 Sentra Spev V)
14. J-WRX (2012 WRX)
15. Run4two (2012 TF3SE Camaro 2SS)
16. B.Richards (2011 White Mustang GT 5.0)
17. trdchris (toyota matrix)
18. Ironangel1500 (05 Wrx)
19. t0nyakapb (black s13 coupe)
20. Jdmlivin (rhd? tba)
21. iamtheyi (White s14 Zenki)
22. dannyspecv (2004 black spec v and maybe a 2011 suzuki gsxr 600)
23. zscwc (black evo x)
24. w.w.j.drive? s14 (gold zenki s14)
25. freds55 (55 chevy truck)
26. antiquecycles (1955 Black Porsche 356A and 1957 Red 356)
27. 07STIgLIMITED (07 sti Limited)
28. subilife (05 OBP sti)
29. Deek (08 Panda STi)
30. moglie88 (1985 AE86 coupe)
31. blackax (06 CTS-V)
32. ava327 (05 RSX)
33. castrob15 (silver 06 spec v)
34. kdracer73 (73 Camaro, 06 Charger)
35. IW IE IS IT IA (2012 C Class Sport)
36. MooMoo (08 Angry Marshmellow STi)
37. jameschumacero (black 07 WRX)
38. jdawg04 4.8 (chevy silverado)
39. getsumm s14 (95 s14)
40. Draven132
41. ie G786 (03 g35 coupe)
42. LG24 (Suzuka Blue S2000)

The owner decided he did not want to play a rated R movie at this location so Ted will not be playing any longer.
Brave, Madea's Witness Protection and Prometheus will be starting at 8:30pm.
What do you guys want to see instead?
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