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Vendor, Product info prices?

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
More and more vendors who are posting ads for products and group buys are nebulous about pricing. I know the Parts For Sale forum requires prices to be clearly stated in the ad. Is the same not truefor the Vendor forum?

I have wondered the same thing.
It makes me feel, maybe wrongly so, that different people are getting different prices.
I can understand that if a customer is loyal to a vendor or something that they vendor is more likely to give them a discount of some sort as an additional way of saying 'Thanks for the repeat business.' I do that type of thing at my job all day.
You would think then that the vendor could post a price, and then if a returning customer is interested, then they contact the seller and see if there is a discount to be had. Or the seller could automatically provide that to them if so desired.
But you are right. Prices should be posted for anything listed for sale.
Technically, I don't think they're doing anything wrong. It's kind of annoying, and possibly not the highest morality in some cases, but it's not actually wrong.

There are probably several factors:

- Vendors worried about upstream price changes
- Vendors unsure of what the market will bear / testing the waters
- Vendors playing favorites with past customers
- Vendors charging people more if they appear to have a lot of money
- Vendors trying to engage people personally to seal the deal
- Other?

On the other hand, if Lud wanted to tell people they had to post prices, that wouldn't be wrong either. Vendors worried about legitimate issues like upstream pricing could always include disclaimers.

One group or the other will just have to suck it up, I guess.
I see nothing wrong w/ "pm me for pricing". The vendor can charge whatever they want. It's up to the buyer to decide if the price is right for them. Frankly, if I buy lots of stuff from a particular vendor, I'd be looking for them to throw me a bone once in a while. OTOH, if I order only occasionally, then I would expect them to not give me any price breaks.

It's not favoritism, it's capitalism.
Vendors are not required to list prices. The main reasons are supplier price changes, minimum advertised price policies, and keeping up with price changes in multiple places. If the vendor not posting a price turns you off from buying from that vendor you are welcome to give them that feedback, but I don't think I am going to require them to post prices in the immediate future.