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warm start

23 February 2008
When I start my car in the morning it fires right up but when I let it run and it sits in the sun from time to time it wont start :confused: It only happens when its hot and only on warm start. I have the engine cover thingy off so you can see the motor and the temp when it happens is in the 90's+. Today it was just over 100. When it finally does start the idle jumps around a bit before it evens out.

I was told it is a TW sensor ... a thermal wax sensor or some thing. That when it fails it puts the choke on and the car wont start because its running too rich.
I was then told that it could be a relay under the dash.

Any thoughts?
I have read that alot of cars hesitate to start when warm. The trick is to turn the key to the on position and wait a few seconds for the fuel pump to pressurize the system and then turn the key to start.

Here is a recent thread that discusses this topic.

Do you think the TW thingy is a good probable cause?
I used to have the same problem with my acura vigor.I did a research it turned out to be a main relay(fuel relay).After replacing it i never have any problem again.
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it's the main relay behind you. I had the exact same symptoms. when it was really hot i would not start. I would have to open the windows and let it air out for it to start.
Well I reset the ECU to see if that works. What relay behind me are you talking about? Can you help direct me for the replacement?
I repalced my main relay when i bought the car although it worked perfect, {just in case}. If I still have it, your welcome to it at no charge. LMK.:smile:


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^^ :tongue:booo to you! Thank you :wink:

YES! I would love to try a replacement relay! If it doesnt fix the problem I will send it back to you. I'll pay for shipping too.:biggrin: