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Water Pooling in Trunk Hinge Cavity

30 May 2000
Southampton, PA, USA
I realize this is a minor complaint...

Everytime I wash the NSX I noticed that the recessed areas where the trunk gas springs and hinges reside is full of water.

It's a lot of water - perhaps a cup or more on each side. Of course, this water has to be removed otherwise it will dribble out over the back of the car afterwards upon acceleration.

I guess I'm surprised there isn't a drain or something. Perhaps there is one and it's clogged?

I eliminate the water by wicking it out repeatedly with a towel. As I said, it's not a big deal... I was just curious.

Any thoughts?


1991 NSX Blk/Blk
1974 Vette 454 4 spd

I notice this too. I have a slight incline in my driveway. When I wash the car I I point the rear of the car down the hill, this allows for some run off. Also just before I dry it and detail it, I ruin the car up the driveway to clear the water out. Works for me!


I too have had this problem. Thing I did was get a wet dry vac and a very small attachment and suck out the water and the leaves that are what are clogging up the drainage hole. The hole is very close to the engine compartment and if you have small fingers you should be able to shove one down and pull out a few leaves.
Here's what I do. Right after I finish washing the car, I pull out the yard blower and use the air to get the water out of the tightest places. After that I use the Absorber, cotton towel and/or the California Blade to remove any remaing water.
The water should drain through a small opening near the front of the trunk, by the sides. This is a little hard to describe, but look around you should be able to find it. If you are is on a incline, the water will flow toward the back, otherwise it should just drain out throught the front. I think there is also a little whole right in the centre of the back panel which allows for water to leak through. Try going through that area with a chopstick. Mine had some stones and slime when I did that. Hope this helps.