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What about this 95 Blk/Blk JH4NA118XST000228

8 June 2012
Shawnee Ks

I was checking ebay and found this 95 blk/blk...almost exactly what I want...only thing that could be better would be a 97.

Did a car fax ..Ooops...has a bit of a story. 1 st issue and I think this is ok..a not true mileage title was issued at one point and has since been fixed by the state. Previous owner made a booboo on titling when he moved within the state. I am ok with that.

2nd issue. It was in an accident in 2001. Curent dealer selling seems knowledgeable on high end cars...buys and sells F cars and P cars. He says looks like fender not replaced..repaiinted hood..fender and frt bumper cover.

Needs tailights(leaking and cracked) and factory radio display isnt perfect.

Any suggestions on this one?
Difficult to say without more info about the accident and damage/repairs. If there's no frame damage and the repairs were properly done, mid-30s doesn't seem out of line for a clean title NSX in this condition IMO.
Original 91-96 thin plastic front lip is a very good sign; these haven't been made in years and would likely have been replaced with a '97+ thicker front lip if the accident was severe.

Center console is also in excellent shape and is another telltale sign.
Thanks guys.

Good info. I did some checking and my wife's cousin has a dealership about 60 miles away and says this place has a stand up reputation.

I only now wonder with the wreck if fixed right and minor on the car fax will that effect resale too much. I know I am buying to enjoy...just wandering.