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What happened to my rears?

15 October 2002
West Vancouver
Ive put about 1300km on the car since I got it. When I was negotiating, I took a look at the rears and thought that there was too much tread left to request new rubber all around.

Well, its gone. All of it.

I knew our cars were rediculus for rear tire wear, but either I made a huge overestimate of the tread 1300kms ago, or rediculus is an understatement!

I have ordered new wheels, which will require new rubber. Im going to go crazy if my existing rubber does not last until the new wheels arrive!
I've seen cars that need rear tires every oil change. All depends on how you drive and your alignment specs. Oh ya ,do you keep the TCS on or off?
I must be lucky, because I've got 10,000 miles on my Toyo T1-S's, and I'm still a little above the first wear bar.
You have to know how a tire looks new to be able to judge how the condition of the tire is.
Don't get fooled by some thread on it, it might last only 3 months.
Also always look on the inside of the rear tires for wear, sometimes the canavas is showing on the inside, while 75% of the tire still show thread life.
my ols T1-S only last for 8000km
and I just brought a new set last month
I've had some tires with low treadwear rating (eg 160) last as little as 3000kms from brand spanking new to completely bald! Nowadays I just go with something a little less aggressive. For example, the Yoko ES100's I'm running right now have a bit over 10k on them, but need to be replaced soon. I used to run with less toe to try and increase tire life, but it didn't seem to help much in my case, and I've just gone back to OEM spec.

Pretty much you have to get used to the idea of annual rear tire changes :D (Fronts will last you 2-3 times as long though). Some people claim to get 20k miles with zero toe and gentle driving, but I just haven't been able to achieve anything close to that in my experience.

BTW, don't buy your tires from the dealership. I called about the ES100's and those guys wanted $500+ PER tire (265/35-18). I then called some random tire place and they wanted $299. I remember paying $246 for them when I got these just over a year ago. The dealerships think that just because you own an NSX you're minting money in your basement and they have the right to rip you off. :mad:
Arshad said:
...Pretty much you have to get used to the idea of annual rear tire changes :D...

LOL!! I wish that I only had to change them once a year with all the miles I drive. This year alone I am on my THIRD set of rears. :eek: :frown:
I'm running Dunlop FM901 265, 35, 18's Treadwear 200 on the rear and I have put 8000KMs on them and rotated from Left to Right (Yes thats taking them off the Rims and reinstalling them) the inside edge is worn down almost to the wear bars. Now that I got some fresh tread on the inside hopefully they will last another 5000~8000Kms? :cool: On the OEM stock wheels for the rear 17's if your looking for better tread wear choose a high tread wear rated tire. There are many choices avail now, as mentioned all over the board.

Acura 2000 installed brand new OEM tires on my car when I bought it. 6k later bald. I noticed when I started hydroplaning when caught in a rainstorm in Michigan. I prayed the whole way home.

I bought some Dunlop SP8000's for my stock rims as I knew I'd be replacing the rims the following season. Affordable, decent performance. They lasted 10k and still have tread on them.

I have 18/17's with Sport Pilot II's which seem to be holding up nicely.