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What should a normal NSX clutch feel like ??

3 January 2001
harrisburg, pa
I got to drive a 91 with 76K miles on it yesterday and was very impressed. The clutch seemed "weird" though. I am used to a corvette clutch which pretty much engages right away with not much pedal travel. This NSX's clutch didnt engage until the pedal was almost all the way off the floor. Is this normal ? Or is this a worn clutch ??

It's not normal.

In private I'll send you the name of an NSX Club member in the Harrisburg area with a '92. Perhaps he might give you a chance to drive his car so you know what it's supposed to feel like.
I would call it somewhat high, but not almost off the floor.

I've never driven a Corvette before though, so I don't have that as a basis for comparison.
Check out the section on "Diagnosing a bad clutch". Lot of useful info on the following page.

Another test you can do to see if the clutch is bad or not. On a slight incline, put the car in 2nd gear and see if you can make the car move forward without the clutch slipping. The easiest way to tell if the clutch is slipping is when 2nd gear is fully engaged(foot off the clutch pedal) and the rpm is rising as you're giving it gas and the car is not moving any faster.
I bought my 95 NSX with 4,100 original miles and I now have 8,400 miles. My original stock clutch has always engaged very high, which I think is fantastic!! I was concerned about this too when I first tried it out. It was like nothing I had ever driven.

The NSX clutch allows for very quick shifing, because you barely have to depress and release the pedal for the entire action to occur. That is, you have very little leg movement (and thus time) necessary for each disengage/engage cycle during shifts.

I think it's great compared with all other cars I've had, which engaged closer to the bottom of the clutch throw and took more movement and time.

Oh how I love my car!!!!!!

BTW, theres a recent listing for a 91 NSX with only 28K miles on the NSX Prime Market page, and the price is only $35K. Best luck.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
BTW, Autotrader now has over 30 NSXs of the 1991 vintage alone, and several have fewer miles and/or cost less that the one you're looking at now. Best luck.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s