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Where to find rubber spring sleeves????

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
I was cleaning front suspension parts and noticed that there were rubber or plastic sleeves that fit around some of the spring coils, they fell apart when I was cleaning, Figured I'd order new ones but can't find any reference to them, does any body know where I can get new ones?:frown:
Surprisingly, there doesn't appear to be a PN for that. It's essentially a piece of rubber hose; I've seen some springs come with basically aquarium tubing serving the same function. Shouldnt' be too hard to come up with a substitute, or buy em from someone here who's gone to aftermarket springs and aren't reusing these. Because most of these I've seen are tubular, you'll need to disassemble the strut to install em, so it may not be worth the effort unless you're doing a restoration, are OCD, or gonna have em apart for some other reason.
The pieces were not a solid tube they wrapped around about 3/4 of the spring, so a rubber hose that was split would serve the same function which is I'm guessing to act as some sort of dampening device.
The hose idea is a good one, thanks:smile:
I used cable sleeve like in the picture. It works fine.
I noticed there are small draining holes in the original sleeves. Maybe those who choose to use a rubber sleeve and drive in rainy conditions a lot should think about making little draining holes in the sleeves for not ending up with
rusted springs too soon.


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