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Where to stay in South Beach

24 July 2003
Just moved to INDY
My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to south beach sometime in August, with the abundance of the small boutique hotels and the larger exclusive chain hotels i.e. Loews/Ritz we are trying to figure out where to stay. We are looking at staying in a relatively more upscale hotel.

We kind of have it narrowed down to a few but are willing to hear suggestions if anybody has ever visited south beach before.
The Loews, The Shore Club, National and Hotel Victor

The Shore Club is somewhat small, and hidden off of the beaten path, but this can also be a good thing. There is ALWAYS a Hotel worker that is "on guard" @ the back entrance (pool area) to keep the non-guests out. It is a great place to relax. Also it is right next door to the Setai http://www.setaicondos.com/
(which is the most expensive, newest, and most elegant on the Beach. I am not totally sure is the front part of the Setai (all hotel suites) is done yet. It is done in a Japanese theme inside. Lots of teak, stone etc. They just built it this spring. The big Setai (beach side) is many floors 50+ and I think Lenny K has a condo in it. The parking garage is kind of a joke. (engineering drop-out designed it) VERY narrow stalls. For the best 'private' sun bathing, the Shore club, and Setai area are not packed with regulars. (read-- many topless women here) Loews is down a bit closer to Ocean Drive, but also comes more tourists. Stop in @ Mango's at least one night while you are there (ocean drive) Grab a street-side table, have a few cold ones, listen to some great latin based music, and watch the Gallardo's, Murci's, Enzo's, Carrera GT's drive by!

I love SoBe, too bad my wife does not like all of the hustle. She is more into Key West. I was there for 3 weeks in January of this year, and did not want to go home!

I wish you the best of luck. Oh yeah don't forget the dance clubs at night!
I have stayed at the Loews, Delano and Shore Club in that area. It all depends upon the "crowd" you want to stay with. I hated the Shore Club except for the fact that is was convenient to be able to eat several times in Nobu. Small rooms and incredibly noisy on weekend nights with the outdoor bar. Loews is more touristy but I felt it was a better "bargain" for the price. The Delano is trendy and is priced accordingly but if you like white decor and would want to be seen at the pool with the likes of George Clooney then you'll love it.

Unless you feel the need to stay in a trendy boutique hotel and pay the price of that trendiness, I would recommend staying at the Loews and then going to the other places for dinner/drinks but avoiding them unless you enjoy getting no sleep while in the room.
Kroger said:
The Shore Club,Kroger

Its on 19th and Collins which is either a 15 minute walk or a 5 dollar cab ride to Ocean Drive. In my opinion its the best in the area, great service, great restaurants(Agio,Nobu) right on the beach, Great pools, great bars(RedRoom) incredible eye candy

Kroger said:

Shore Club "Lite" :)

Kroger said:
Hotel Victor

One of the New "In Places" right on Ocean Drive,pool is on the second floor and overlooks Ocean Drive, cross the street to the beach. Good bar/Restaurant specially for Happy Hour on Thursday nights.

Kroger said:
The Loews,Kroger

Dont bother unless you are taking the wife, kids and grandma, definatly over rated, crappy bars, Restaurant= Emerils

Thanks for the input. I am probably going to book at the Shore Club, they have a special out right now for 330 a night and a VIP area in skybar with a complementary bottle one night while staying there.