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Why you should have a DASH CAM!

What a moron. Didn’t even look your direction.
I'm going to get a dash cam like yours soon. Los Angeles is full of crazy drivers that don't pay any attention at all. The move the Mini driver pulled is something I experience on a daily basis, especially at stop signs in my neighborhood. It seems like driving standards have declined since Covid.
Escort just came out with their new escort max360c plus integrated front video camera. About $850, not cheap but plug and play.
Wow that was a close call. I tell people I drive my NSX like I'm riding a motorcycle- I act like everyone is going to suddenly swerve and hit me! Still, it's stuff like this that makes me want to get a dash cam...
Yeah, I've been in one accident too many. I got the dash cam set up before even the radar detector. I am very liberal with the horn.

Great to see you were alert enough to slow down. Other driver should have yielded.
What are the better dashcams (and simplest) to consider? Never had one, and no idea which ones are good (and bad).