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Widebody build with Machine-Motorsports

6 September 2006
Well picked up a very clean all original during the summer. Plans like all our cars is to make it into a reliable track car. (two words that don't always go)

The car is going to stay NA, and much of the build will be suspension, areo
and braking. Our current cars are Mazdaspeed 3, Audi R8, and recently our track donkey was a Nissan GTI-R which if you don't know is a sr20 hatch only available in Japan (ealry 90's)

Back to the NSX always wanted to have one and I have started with the cleanest one around 91 with 20k on the clock! All original and perfect. So far it has spent more time on the our trailer then the road. SO it is a bit of a trailer queen but will stretch it's legs from time to time.

Parts that are here or on the way...Japan likes to take their time :)

Stoptech slotted rottors
Hawk Blue pads front and rear
Stop tech braided lines
ATE Super blue fluid
Downforce Carbon brake ducts.

Buddy Club Racespec coilovers 12kg front 12kg rear
SOS Sway bars
NSX-R chassis bars
Carbing Rear strut bar
Non Compliance Toe Links
Non Compliance Rear Beam bushings
Front Pivot Clamps
Sway Bar End Links Front and Rear

SSR 17x9 18x10.5 Type F (F+25 R +15)
Toyo R888
Buddy Club Forged lugs

DownForce Front Fenders DF GTS +25
Taitec Rear Fenders
Down Force GTS front Bumper
DownForce TCRC side skirts
Taitec GT500 wing
Taitec Rear Diffuser

Stock for now
DownForce Stack intake
DownForce side intake snorkle
large throttle body/RDX injector set up (Summer 2013)
Koyo Rad
Braille Carbon Fiber Battery

Sabelt Titan Seats
Buddy Club rails
Taitec shift knob
Taitec hub
Sabelt RAC medium dish steering wheel.

Taitec Headers
Taitec GT-005 lightweight center exit

Work will be completed over the winter look for detailed pictures to follow.
I will also update with track data to let you know what works and what dosen't.



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Well some of the parts are starting to arrive. The Downforce products are very well made! Looking forward to testing them out!







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John, Looks like a cool build.

You may find the dampers might not be the best performers on the track. Worth a try though... I'm sure quite a few people will be looking for feedback on those.
Thanks Vroom
That's why I went with them, we are going to test them out. They have a custom 12kg 12kg spring rate. Should be a good balance for the street and track I will give feed back next season of all the suspension upgrades through prime and my facebook page. I am hoping these will be a good mid price point option.
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Looking good so far... and damn seems like you're starting with a very clean original car!! Make sure to keep all those oem parts... you will thank me down the road.
Incredible build and great choices in parts!!

Can't wait to see the project come together
New battery just arrived Braille Carbon fiber! Coming in at 11.5 lbs
that is 24 lbs saved!! Now I can eat more cheese burgers during race season!
These retail for about $289 depending on size and application.


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It's the exact same battery as the Deka 16 (who makes it btw). But the Deka is $60 but then you have to add your own terminal posts which are a couple of dollars. I use one during the summer.
All the parts are in, Just waiting for the weather to break up here. I really don't want to move the car even by trailer. I think late
March I will start putting it together. I was just in the warehouse looking everything over and I have to say the Taitec headers are
just a work of art. The welds and finish are like jewlery. Below are pics of the headers and the warehouse which is now filled with Taitec goodies!
Taitec Headers.jpgMachine warehouse.jpgtaitec gtlw.jpg
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The car is pristine, I am keeping everything tucked away. No better way to keep the bumper and fenders in perfect shape!

Why don't you start with a car that needs body work anyways? It should be cheaper plus you wouldn't have to do what ever you're planning on doing to this nice and stock example...

Good luck with the project!
Well to tell you the truth I'm a little OCD so I wanted a near perfect car. From there I wanted to make it exactly
to my specs. We have another build going on with Red Dragons Car. It needed a little body work but it has the full treatment
right down to a Gruppe-M SC. The two cars will be near identicle One FI and the other NA with more suspension work.