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Will TSW Kyalami work?

29 December 2004
This list might help someone find the answer. I left off 15" and 16" and non-NSX PCD since you don't want that. Someone on prime had a 18/19 setup at one time. Sorry, I remember seeing the pic (it was a red NSX), but don't remember who it was.

I'm not a wheel guru - Tom from RP Motorsports would know better, but based on what I see, you won't have a good choice on a 17" front wheel b/c the spokes could be too close to the caliper. The rear wheel in an 18X9 might work, but my guess is that it will be heavy. Best choice is probably the 17x8 with ET 40 for front and 18x9 with ET 35 for rear.
source: http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/findProductCategoryDetailBrnd.do?tpc=TSWKYA&tp=Car/Minivan

17X7 5-100/114.3 42C $263.00
17X8 5-114.3/120 20C $263.00
17X8 5-114.3/120 40C $263.00
18X7 5-100/114.3 42C $359.00
18X8 5-114.3/120 20C $359.00
18X8 5-114.3/120 40C $359.00
18X9 5-112/114.3 20C $359.00
18X9 5-114.3/120 20C $359.00
18X9 5-114.3/120 35C $359.00
19X8 5-114.3/120 40C $399.00
Yeah what he said.

You will have 5mm of spacer room up front with the +40 (just in case) This is with a 215 wide tire.

Out back, you may want to run a 255 wide tire. A 265 will fit the rim, but the +35 is about 3mm lower than we usually reccomend. It probably will not rub with a 265, but will be right out to the rear fender.