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Wisconsin front plates?

19 July 2004
New Berlin, Wisconsin
Has anyone in Wisconsin been stopped by the "law" and given a ticket or other for not having a front license plate? I've been cruising around without for a good period of time (years)...but have heard it's the law. What a shame it would be to clutter the front-end of a NSX with this, again. Thanks.
I run without one and have not gotten a ticket yet. I am hoping it's only a fix’ it ticket when it happens. I do keep the front plate on a home made mount in the trunk that I can put on if I need to. Most officers won't make a big deal out of it unless you get pulled over for something else and act like a dick. :smile:
I haven't had a problem over the past two years and 22k miles. . .
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After four years of ownership never stopped for anything. Mark a new NSX owner near by already stopped twice. He just got the front bracket and plate mounted. Until I get the warning it stays off.

When I lived in Milwaukee (4 years of college), I never had any problems.

For 3 years of living in Texas with no front plate with two cars, we got one ticket.

For 5 years of living in Illinois with no front plate (mine for 5, wife for 3), I got ONE ticket, parked at OHare. City of Chicago left a nice fine for me. :mad: (Heads-up for FIBs parking at O'Hare.)

Oh well, I paid it and moved on. Still no plate.
nsxtasy said:
I hear Chuck is the expert on this topic... :(

I'm no expert, but I was stopped a few years back by a state trooper just outside of East Troy. He went out of his way by turning around to pull me over. Gave me the line about having a front plate in WI was state law and as such had the right to issue a ticket that carried a fine somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. Said he would let me go this time by would issue a citation if he saw me again without it. I did put it back on for a few months and then removed it.