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Work Wheels - How long should it take??

23 May 2003
El Dorado Hills CA
I ordered a set of Work VS-KF's back in November. I decided in January that the wheels size I ordered was to big and asked them if I could change them. Luckily, they agreed to the change. Well I still haven't received them yet!!

Has anyone ordered from work before and how long did it take?

Thanks - Ed
I ordered a set of WORK Wheels with Custom Monte Carlo Blue center spokes (exact OEM color).
Ordered in Jan. '05
These will be a one-of-a-kind manufacture and I am told 4 months.
I am prepared to wait 6 months.
I realize that it can take longer than expected, especially for custom made wheels.
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I ordered them from R&D Motorsports. It's amazing to me that it takes this long. I ordered 18X9 and 17x7.5. They came up with the offsets.

with a 215 wide front on a 8" rim, a +35mm will take it out to the fender, which will look the same as a 7.5" and a 35-6.35= +29mm offset. (rounded up)

with a 265 wide tire on a 10" rim, a +38mm will take it out to the fender, which will look the same as a 9.0" and a 38-12.7= +26mm offset. (rounded up)

I am sure that they probably reccomended you around a +40 front and rear, which will pull the rims into the well about 1/2" in the front, and 5/8" in the rear. What offsets did you go with?

I can send you pics of what these offsets look like if you need to see.
Here's what they recommended and what I went with:

Front) 17" x 7.5 +37(R) 215/40-17
Rear ) 18" x 9.0 +47(R) 255/35-18
emdoller said:
Here's what they recommended and what I went with:

Front) 17" x 7.5 +37(R) 215/40-17
Rear ) 18" x 9.0 +47(R) 255/35-18

The front looks good, but the rear is too high to match the "look" of the front.

The front tire will be right out to the fender, while your rear tire will be about 14mm "into" the wheel well. It would take a +33mm to have the edge of a 255 tire be out to the fender.

We normally run a 265 tire @ +38mm so you have 5mm less tire (265-255 divided by 2) so you can go 5mm lower yet.

Once your rims come in, you may want to consider getting extended lugs, and spacers. Make sure it is a hub-centric spacer. Why did they go so high on the rear offset with such a narrow tire? We run a 275 track tire on a +45mm offset, but use a 5mm spacer, thus making it a net +40. That is with a 275 tire!!! You have a 255 tire! I say you should go with a wider tire, and run at least a 5mm spacer.
Hmmmm... I'm trying to figure out how the offset mismatch could have happened.

I remember some communication where work had 205/40/17's for the front and not 215's. How much would that have made a difference?

I corrected them and told them that it was 215's not 205's but am wondering if that would explain this... would it?
Ask Son on IASPORT on Prime, I think it took him close to 6 month for his to come in.
Ok, so more questions...

1) If I keep the front wheels as is, will they rub? They will be about .75 in or about 19mm from the end of the fender if my calculations are right.

2) If I can change the rears to +33 as suggested, my calculations agree in that they will also be about .75 inches from the rear fender... will they rub?

3) If I can't get them changed, it looks like the rears will be inset and there will be about 0.5" difference between the two. How noticeable is this?

Thanks... I'm almost there.

I tried to order a set of Work Meister S2R from a local shop. They, not only, took 6 months to get them and they were the wrong model.

I promptly canceled the order and contacted a Japanese dealer, Fuji Corp. Great company! It took a total of 10 days, after I wired them money, to pick up the wheels at LAX. The price was over $200 lowered than the local shop plus a set of nuts and aluminmum hub-centric rings. Back in 99, the US dollars were stronger.

Hope you get your wheels soon...more importanly, the right ones! I understand that not all Work wheels offers half inch, but I found that the best setup is 7.5 fronts and 9.5 rears with 40mm all around. You can then use 215 fronts and 265 rears.
Thanks. As is stands right now I'm trying to figure out what to do. I have found that the wheels are on order and I already have the tires.

What I need to know is:

1) If I do use the wheels as is, will the 0.60" (i beleive this is right) difference between the front and the rear be noticeable.

2) What is the rear offfset to make them the same... I beleive it is +33mm not the +47 I ordered.

3) If I can get the rears changed, will either the fronts or rears rub? I don't think so, but want to make darn sure. My suspension is stock.

Thanks - Ed
My set was on the conservative side. Here is my setup with no rubbing issue with a 1.25" drop.

7.0-17 5/114 ET35(F) 215/40-17
9.0-18 5/114 ET47(R) 255/35-18

No rubbing.
cdub - from what I can tell, your rear wheels are about .43 in further in than your front wheels. The way mine are they will be about 0.60in. Can you see this differerence or are we splitting hairs?