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World's Largest Ferrari Dealership

I went there last week. No one bothered me at all. In fact, since I could not find an F430 in the sales area, I wandered back to the service area where I found one (probably being dealer-prepped). I made a point of quickly walking all around it, figuring I would be kicked out at any moment, but no one ever did. I stayed there and looked as long as I want (although I kept my hands visibly in my pockets).

By the way, the answer to the question I was wondering is that Ferrari's last truly beautiful car to my taste is still the F355. The F430 is prettier than the 360 Modena, but not by much.

They have an espresso machine available, the fire hydrant outside has been painted red white and green and (coincidentally?) there is a Biscotti store across the street. It is like a piece of Italy there.